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Every Other Week Schedule?


I've noticed that if I let a muscle group recover for two weeks instead of one, I'm much stronger when I return to the gym and get a dramatically improved pump.

Maybe one week isn't enough recovery time for older guys.

Any opinions on the relationship between age and lifting schedule?


If you have been training regularly for a number of weeks, taking a week off will allow continued improvement. then afterwards you would want to go back at it, maybe with a different program to hit your body differently, as too much of the same program causes the body to adapt and be inured to continuing with the same.

Once you are back at training, likely you are better off keeping a weekly schedule with it, otherwise your body sort of loses interest in being stimulated.

still though, Are you maybe loading yourself down with too huge of a program to allow proper recovery? If you do endless sets of endless exercises you might just need to trim it down to something reasonable.

Post up your routine for feedback.


How long does the effect last? In other words, is it the case that you can make good progress for months at a time while working muscle groups every other week, or is it more of a one-time thing?


I think you,re question is a great one. rather than give my personal opinions,I will say this. Why not try what you,re doing for a while? See if you continue to get stronger and more muscular. If and when that stops happening,try something different?