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Every Night is Steak Night

I use straps on any dl over 140kg, as my work callous’s rip open then get infected with all the dirt from working. I did dead stop first 2 sets then tng.


Love ya work mate and happy cake slice day.

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5 mins treadmill
5mins mobility

Db press
24kg x 8
26kg x 6
28kg x 4
30kg x 5
30kg x 5
28kg x 5
26kg x 5
26kg x 8 (28kg 5x5 next)

Cable Fly (no. 5 height)
10kg x 10
12.5kg x 10
12.5kg x 10

Chest press machine (5 seat)
25kg x 32(40)
30kg x 21(30)
35kg x 10(20)

Face pulls (straight)
3 x 20

V handle push downs
40kg x 10
45kg x 6
40kg x 10

Reverse grip Triceps ext
15kg x 20
20kg x 20
25kg x 14

Hanging leg raises


Had 1st covid shot last night, not sure if related but really ran out of energy by the chest press machine.


I think everybody is really reacting differently to the shots - for me it was also the first one, that left me feeling a bit under the weather for a couple of days.

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I had the Moderna, went to do some research about it and just came across loads of conspiracy crap so stopped. It is what it is, we’re planning on going away at Christmas so needed to have it.

I had Pfizer and didn’t notice anything from either jab other than a slight bruising of the shoulder. My wife said one of the side effects is aches and pains and I just laughed and said how would I know the fkn difference !!

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A group of us took the kids to the river Teme Thursday evening, I was messing about on a rope swing with some teenagers who were doing flips off it into the water. I tried numerous times but was just repeatedly slamming into the water. I may well be just suffering the after effects of that.


Got pinged by the NHS covid track and trace app on Saturday. Fortunately only have to self isolate til 2359 tonight.

you are lucky if that was Australia you would been in isolation until the year 2359 LOL

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Just got a negative pcr test back so isolation is over!


5 mins treadmill
5 mins mobility

Pull ups
Bw x 10
+7.5kg x 5
+7.5kg x 5
+7.5kg x 4
+5kg x 5
+5kg x 5

Rear delt fly machine
30kg x 20
35kg x 20
40kg x 20
40kg x 18

Double cable seated row
10kg x 40
12kg x 30
14kg x 25

Face pulls (y raise)
3 x 15 (3 on stack)

Rope cable curls
22.5kg x 10
25kg x 10
27.5kg x 10
30kg x 10

Db lateral raises
12kg x 8
10kg x 10
8kg alt hold at top x 8

Seated Db curls
12kg x 14
14kg x 10
14kg x 11

Ez bar curl
10kg x 19

Cable crunches
3 x 20


Jesus, you guys must be behind

I struggled booking one on the website, wouldn’t let me book 2nd, kept saying I hadn’t booked 1st although it turns out I had so missed an appt, then i wanted to wait til a Friday afternoon slot was avaliable.

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5mins treadmill
5 mins mobility

Low bar Squat to box
20kg x 10
40kg x 10
60kg x 10
80kg x 10
100kg x 10
120kg x 10
140kg x 4
160kg x 2

Seated leg curl
40kg x 20
50kg x 15
60kg x 15
70kg x 7

Glute drive
40kg x 30
80kg x 20
120kg x 12

Calf raises
120kg x 15
160kg x 12
160kg x 15
160kg x 18

Ab wheel


Think wrist mobility and getting used to shoulder pain will be the limiting factor on low bar squats for a while. 160kg felt fine on legs and lower back, but wrist pain stopped me wanting to try any higher. Also doing there shoeless on physio’s recommendation.

5 mins treadmill
5 mins mobilty

Incline Db bench
22kg x 8
26kg x 6
30kg x 4
34kg x 5
34kg x 5
34kg x 5
34kg x 5
34kg x 5

Db Lateral raises
10kg x 10
12kg x 10
14kg x 8
14kg x 8 drop to 8kg x 8

Shoulder press machine (neutral grip)
35kg x 27
40kg x 15
40kg x 12 drop to 25kg x 8

Dips (narrow)
3 then collar bone area said no. (went to river and was on the rope swing again Monday, felt a bit of a tweak around right collar bone.)

Smith Cgbp
30kg x 15
40kg x 12
40kg x 12
40kg x 12

Oh Triceps ext
15kg x 20
22.5kg x 14
22.5kg x 12

Neutral grip Triceps ext
25kg x 15
35kg x 10
35kg x 10

2 (keep torso still)

Decline situps


some people just never grow up…LOL


We call these people “males”.

Seriously, who wouldn’t go on the rope swing?