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Rocking my Flex Comics muscle shirt



Followed your IG for those star spangled shorts


Hell ya man! I just followed yours too.


I’m rethinking my programming. This is kinda helpful to look at what you’re doing to primarily train for Oly lifting. I should maybe start doing more OH Press, less BP. Haha. Seriously, I have no idea how to fit this into my BB split, or if I should just start over with accessories and the works.

I wish I didn’t need to park a car in the garage. I want that platform.


@anon71262119 maybe you can look at this ( Weightlifting + Powerlifting + Strongman + Running ), it might help.


I wouldn’t say I’m primarily training for Oly lifting. I’m more or less just trying to learn the movements and use them to be more explosive. I’ve become such a slow lifter…

My plan is to essentially warm-up with an O lift before moving on to a basic compound movement. CT warned against too much heavy volume and suggested starting a training session w/ an o lift.

You can read the exchange here:


Just for you Chris




Gotcha. Trying to gain speed/ explosiveness/ athleticism with them.

Yep. I just responded to @Benanything on his thread so you can see what I’m thinking there.

Right now I’m just learning the Oly list so everything is very light, so we’re doing a lot of volume but it’s still very taxing in terms of cardio, mental focus, my neurology firing. I’m beat when I’m done so I’ve pulled way back on other training.

I’m going to kinda let my BBing split go for now until I move to a new class next quarter and can see what my coach recommends. Today I just worked on Oly lift technique then did some front and back squats all paused and ATG, some glute bridges and done. I will post in my log and tag you when he lays out more tailored program just so you can compare.

I’ll probably ask Christian when I get a little more skilled at these and am actually training them a bit heavier. Right now I’m just such a newb, I think learning technique is the main thing. I don’t think I’m going to somehow loose a bunch of muscle in the next few weeks. Haha.


I dropped you a note in your thread, Ben.


Where you at man? I’m still floating around 215…


Very nice! It’s pretty crazy how demanding the O lifts are even with light weight.

Yes, please do.


PHEW!!! I am around 200. I still have hopes of 195, but 190 seems so far away.

This reminds me I have a race to win though!!! LETS GO!!!


Well, shit…


Get back in here!! Don’t forget YOU have a ace to win too!!

(I fell back to 205 but will be going hard for a while now.)


I’m eating fish and rice as I type this! Way to much beer on labor day, though…



Little too much going on today. Will be dropping some assistance work.