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Every Day Injections

I know most advocate eod or e3d injections.Since the needle is pretty much painless for me,I’ve decided to inject everyday.Shouldn’t I be able to get about as steady a level of Testosterone as possible.Be able to stabalize E2,with much less arimidex,be able to drop Test. cypionate dosage a good bit? Thanks for your thoughts!

I think this is a bit excessive. At some point the practicality becomes an issue. Do you really want to do this for the rest of your life? I would also worry about the build up of scar tissue over time - you are poking yourself 2-3 (or more) times more than you really need to over the course of years and years. Keep in mind the half life of test cyp is something like 6 days or so.

EOD would be an improvement on E3D and T and anastrozole can be dosed at the same time for a convenient routine. ED is nuts and would not create less demand for anastrozole at all. Can’t see why this would affect your T dose or T lab results. Do you need to reduce T?

Weekly injection T spikes will create higher E2 levels.

If IM injections, why double muscle damage?