Every Canadian place you know...

Was wondering if people can list every canadian supplement place they know? I need to find a vitamin (pantethine in particular) and i don’t want to go through the hassle of border/shipping fees.

Thanks in advance guys

Whoa guys dont flood the whole screen all at once :stuck_out_tongue:

What city do you live in? I know there are drug and health food stores in Toronto that sell it. Don’t think they do mail order though…

Okay…(are you serious about wanting all these?)

GNC, Sangster’s, Debaggie’s, Canadian Superstore (LobLaws out east), Zellers, Kmart, Safeway, Co-op, WalMart, and a great place I JUST found,
http://www.lifeandsport.com (for some great BioTest products)…who ship out of Nova Scotia…


Isn’t pantethine vitamin B5 ? Does it have a bodybuilding application ?

Yah i’m near toronto man, Can you tell me where this store is? I’ll go there sometime to get it :smiley:
I want Pantethine not to be confused with pantothenic acid.

Pantethine is supposed to be a more stable and metabolicly active than B5 and may reduce cholesterol and LDL .

Dr Atkins has this product (pantethine), look for it online and wherever his supps are sold.

Does Dr. Atkins have a Canadian online order page?
If so could you toss the link?