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Every 2 Weeks IM to E7D or E3.5D?

So I’m seeing an endocrinologist for TRT for insurance reasons. He’s by the book, so IM injections every 2 weeks.

I know this is garbage and as soon as I get my labs done at trough next week I’m going to switch to E7D or E3.5D. With or without his consent.

So what’s the general opinion on this? Change to E7D or E3.5D?

Purely personal preference. I like E7D, other guys find a bonus in more frequent injections.

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Ask him to explain why this is better than E7D or E3.5D. I would wager he can’t make an argument stronger than the argument for more injection frequency because of the drug’s half life. He should be able to back up any treatment plan he has for you, and if not he need to do more research to be qualified to be administering TRT protocols.

If he gives you push back that he is a doctor (this is actually a formal logical fallacy that many doctors use a lot) or any of that non-sense, remind him that his qualifications are in no way a reasonable method for you to determine if the treatment plan is correct.

You are right, but I’m not about to get into it with him. I use him for the Rx and blood work and take care of the administration on my own.

Endos care about lab results, not how you feel. I’ll take care of that. Hence the E7D or E3.5D question.

Best plan. No sense in arguing, just get the scrip and move on.

If you’re doing the injections then why would you need to follow his schedule?

I won’t be. Just wondering if E7D or E3.5D is better.

The answer is always ‘the more frequent the better’. Hormone stability is good and higher frequency equals better stability. The question you really want to ask is “which one is better enough compared to what I’m doing now?” and that answer is ‘either one works’. If you’ve been surviving on one injection per fortnight then changing to e7d will be a big step up in terms of overall effect. If you don’t mind doing two a week then that’s objectively better. But you will only be improving irrespective of which you choose.

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How much do you hate pinning? That is the variable that will determine what is better. More frequent is better, but I am not about to pin 3 times a day, because the benefit isn’t worth the extra pinning. I would choose E3.5 days over E7D, but I don’t mind pinning all that much.

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Not my favorite activity, but I don’t mind it too much. I used to pin HCG twice a week SubQ when I was at the TRT clinic. A 25G IM doesn’t feel much different.

I will probably do E3.5D. Seems like zero drawbacks, but some potential/likely positives vs E7D.