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Every 14 Days Protocol

What do the experts here think of this argument in favor of the every 14 day protocol?

Plasma terminal half-life =/= elimination half-life

Absorption rate is not constant from person to person. If you ignore that then sure, go ahead and dose once a fortnight. I’m sure the elimination half-life will be exactly the same for every single person and will not vary slightly even within the same person over the course of time.

There’s so much more than just having sufficient testosterone levels, the pulsatility and daily variation in testosterone is lost on TRT and injecting beyond a week usually gets father and farther away from a natural circadian rhythm.

Responding to TRT for me means more closely matching my circadian rhythm, meaning the more frequent and smaller the peaks and troughs, the better I feel.

Young men have a larger, more frequent peaks and troughs, older men have an even more flat hormone profile in comparison.

The doctor who wrote this paper has a very poor understanding of things.

I have listened to experts talk about these every 2 week protocols about how it’s not an optimal way to replace testosterone, but said that’s what the insurance companies wanted because it was thought the patient would come into the office for the injection and doctors typically bill insurance companies for such things.