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Everlast Leather Medicine Balls

I have an older leather Everlast medicine balls that got a hole poked in one of the seams. Now, everytime you catch it or use it, it leaks a bit of sand and can easily get in your eyes.

Does anybody know where I might go to get this thing restitched or recovered?

Hmmm. True dilemma here.

I have a few suggestions. Call a boxing gym and find out what they do when this happens to theirs. My boxing gym has one. They also have leather speed bags and heavy bags. I would think rather than buying another one everytime there's a rip, they'd get it repaired. Call Everlast? How about a place that specializes in leather upholstery? There's a place by us that specializes in cleaning/reparing leather clothing. Got a place like that near you? A shoe repair joint - I know this is wierd, but they do fix leather shoes, you know. Just thinking out loud. Coach Davies? Maybe he'd know of place? Or, DARK RENEGADE (works with boxers).

Hope this helps!

You may have already thought of this, but maybe not. Have you checked at a local upholstery shop?
Or if you don’t care how it looks I would assume some duct tape would work :slight_smile:

Try any leather repair or custom shop. Also, if it is just one hole and not the whole seam, you could try rubber patches that are used on inner tubes such as those made by Camel brand.

duct tape

I thought about duct tape, but wasn’t sure how well the ball would handle? Has anybody tried this?

I'll see if I can find a leather repair shop tomorrow.

I have an old basketball that I cut a hole in and filled with dirt. I wrapped it with an entire roll of duct tape and an entire roll of masking tape on top of that. It handles ok, but it still splits occasionally where the slit in the ball is.

Getting that bad boy fixed may cost a pretty penny. For anyone interested in a long-lasting medicine ball that is durable, won’t settle, won’t leak, and bounces, try the OOOF ball. I ordered a couple of them to use with my training. These are by far the best medicine balls out there. Check out their site for info (www.ooofball.com), and look around for different places online to find the best price. They cost a little more than other medicine balls, but I guarantee that you’ll like it a lot more!

Call a store that sells tack for horses and ask if they can recommend someone who does tack repair. Saddles take a lot of abuse and I’d imagine they could handle the seam on a medicine ball without too much trouble.