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Ever try NO2?

Anybody have any notes on NO2? I haven’t been convinced enough to try it but somebody here’s had to.

I haven’t tried it, because it is crap. Do a search, and you should find plenty of info to persuade you that it’s worthless. I would suggest that you spend the money for NO2 on a post workout supp like Surge. That is if you aren’t already addicted to Surge:)


My ex-roommate did a 6-week study of NO2 for his grad school project at Baylor, under Dr. Richard Kreider. The only significant difference between NO2 and placebo was in 1RM, and that was likely due to one person who improved by 50 pounds (an oulying score that probably should have been excluded). No differences were observed in LBM. I say use your $ more wisely (protein, creatine, and I like Power Drive for increased focus).