Ever Trip While Squatting?

Last time I did acid I was at the beach.

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
yeah i used to be kind of bad with falling forward. never tripped but came close. now i just keep my head up.

i tripped yesterday doing a sumo warmup with 225, first time that ever happened.[/quote]

I generally stare five or six feet in front of me on the floor/wall. My back/neck feels like crap if I stare up.

I almost fell back one time with 370, but now that i changed how i walk ot the weight, its not so bad anymore

I’ve done an uneven loading where put two 45 on one side instead of 1 on each side…I toppled!

it was so early in the morning haha

but you might want to consider

doing zecher(spelling?) of taking a wider stance
not doing so many stretches before the sets (possibly too loose)
take your weight down and perfect your form
box squat
switch shoes

I dont think that a wider stance is necessarily the fix. i squat olympic style with 11 inches between my heels and dont stumble. i think the biggest factor would be to squat on your heels and outsides of your feet. also if your feet are parrallel or close to parallel it can cause things like this because its harder to keep your weight back on your heels