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Ever Trip While Squatting?


Well, ok not exactly keel over and drop the weight but moreso part of the feet coming off the ground and having to re-balance myself. This unbalance happened right after using hip drive to come out of the bottom. I'm guessing this problem has to do with limited mobility/flexibilty. I have Magnificent Mobility dvd and always do dynamic stretches such as windmills, squat-to-stand, side-to-side leg swing, yoga twist, etc before squatting, and I also do warm-up sets. Any ideas how to fix this problem?


Focus on really driving your feet into the ground which in turn makes a stronger platform, IMO. Maybe a little wider stance if not doing so already?


Yea, Shoulder width stance atleast. Id also focus on driving the weight to your heel. I believe there is actually a technique where you place 5lb plates under you heels on both feet to help you out. Id see that as a last resort though honestly, i think it'd be better to just develop your stance earlier on.


I have had my toes come off the ground when I was squatting before; however, I luckily kept the weight from falling backward and still managed to finish the rep.


yeah i used to be kind of bad with falling forward. never tripped but came close. now i just keep my head up.

i tripped yesterday doing a sumo warmup with 225, first time that ever happened.


curl your toes up when squatting, it will put all the weight on your heels. You will feel it in your hammies and glutes allot more. Also brace your abs keep your chest up, don't good morning the weight up.


I actually fell forward and had to dump the weight once. That was embarrassing. I realized I developed a bad habit of not sitting back.


I tripped yesterday while doing front squats.

Shouldn't have eaten those mushrooms.


I assume you are squatting on a flat hard surface, not bouncy rubber or something, and wearing proper shoes? If you are doing the mobility stuff you have to be flexible enough. Just work on form in general.


I tripped once with around 300 on my back, but somehow I bumped the back of the rack and still managed to stand up. Some guy commented afterwards how I was lucky, but it looked kind of cool.

One other time I tried sumo deadlifting for the first time and for some reason my knee buckled in and I dropped the weight and fell over. That was even more embarassing.


I lose my balance when I look up when squatting. It's not so bad when I have to drive out of the bottom, but I certainly have to look ahead or slightly down when I descend into a squat.


I did front squats yesterday. I go ATG on these. As I was only at the bottom the actual plate hit the safety bar. The safety bars are kind of wide on this rack so if I'm not totally dead center in the rack when I squat this happens. It fucked up my balance big time.


had the bar hit the saftey bar. Also had a girl stumble into the bar while squatting once, Luckly I was at the top of a rep, her and I had words.


My girlfriend was squatting and had the notice to fall on her buns, I was spotting her so I caught the barbell while she fell. Was a bit hilarious to see...


i fell backwards when squating before, not fun at all


Yes, I have.

The first time I ever took acid, I didn't realize how long the trip was going to last, and ended up going through an entire football practice while tripping. We lifted as part of practice (just bench and squat if I recall), and in retrospect I really wasn't in any condition to be spotting anybody lol.

So concisely, yes, I have tripped while squatting.


LOL, I can't imagine that. That had to be one of the most intense days of your life. Acid is a hell of a drug.


Cocaine is a hell of a drug http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo4LPpeAvTE (so much funnier if you watch the full clip)


Nice tips. Thanks !


Yes. Sometimes have taken a step forwards with either leg to drive up the last rep kind of like jerking the weight in slow motion. My knees probably are not too happy about it but it just happens unconciously out of blind commitment to finish a set.