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Ever Tried Those So Called Legal Steroids?

I have read this site and others about real steroids. I have been lifting for around 15 years and want to run a cycle but I don’t know where to get them safe. I can get low grade but don’t want to put that shit in my body. Do these so called legal steroids work or are the bullshit pro hormones?

Dude, ‘legal steroids’ are the biggest bullshit scam perpetrated on honest (and not so honest) lifters out there. They are merely herbal concoctions of useless crap labelled in such a way as to sound like the real deal.

It makes my blood boil that someone would be SO unscrupulous as to perpetrate this SHIT. But that’s capitalism for ya :wink:


They’re scams. If you want to check if a site is legit, join a source board or do a Google search along the lines of “www.source.com scam” and see what turns up. But ultimately the only way you can know for sure is when you place an order and it arrives.

Thanks That is what I thought. Had like a gleam of hope.

If you’re talking about compounds like H-DROL, M-DROL, Havoc, P-Plex, etc. then yes, they are real steroids. Some are technically classified as “pro-hormones” but there really is no practical reason categorize “steroids” and “pro-hormones” separately.

Keep in mind the ones I mentioned above are brand names, there are numerous clones of the same compound that go by different names. You’r best off familiarizing yourself with the nomenclature. For example, 2a,17a di-methyl-5a-androst-3-one, 17b-ol is Superdrol, M-DROL, S-Drol, etc. and 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1, 4-diene-3-17b-diol is H-DROL, Halodrol, etc.

They “work” if by “work” you mean put on mass. But the problem is there is little to no research behind those compounds so in a way you are kind of playing human guinea pig. These are basically compounds that were developed a LONG time ago but were abandoned by researchers for one reason or another so the only thing you have to go on are reports from people who have already used them.

If you can get your hands on the popular “illegal” stuff (Dianabol, Testosterone, Boldenone, etc.) then you are most likely best off going that route. Testosterone is probably the safest steroid you can use and one of the most effective ways to pack on mass. Most of these compounds have decades of research behind them , are very well understood, and it is much more clear how to use them in a relatively safe manner.

there are some steriods out there classes as legal steriods simply because they have not yet been found. they do this by taking an anabolic steriod alter its compound and because it becomes a new compound it hasnt yet been illegalised. So it can be sold as a legal “steriod” until found, however this bullshit mix of compound is probably going to be harder on the body than the real thing!