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Ever Tried Carao?


Has anyone here ever tried carao? It's a liquid/syrup from Costa Rica whose prescribed purpose is to help those with anemia by raising red blood cell count, but it apparently has the beneficial side effect of raising libido significantly. There is speculation that this might be by lowering SHBG, or by other non-hormonally-related or just plain unkown methods. Ever tried it? Thoughts?



Really? No one knows anything about it . . . ?


I tried it and its the worst tasting shit I have ever taken...only thing I got out of it was the feeling I was literally eating shit.


I felt a little increase in energy when taking it. It smells awful! For me, it was not worth continuing this product as the taste/smell are not worth the slight increase in energy. It is apparently a good blood builder and works well for some people per the testimonials on the site I bought it from.

When I ordered this product (shipped from Costa Rica) I ordered 4 bottles. If anyone is interested in trying this product for "cheap money" feel free to PM me. Dave


Thanks for the feedback, guys. Did it have any of the much-touted positive effects on the libido?


I am from El Salvador and we also have Carao, but I have never heard that it increases libido. All I can say is that it stinks and tastes like crap. Might not be worth a small increase in libido.