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Ever See a Fellow T-Nationer?


I was running on my gym's track when a guy with a T-Nation shirt came and started running too. This is the first time in my many years of being a member (this is my second name, fyi) that I've seen a fellow member outside of my friend who recommended me to this site (and ironically doesn't use it anymore).

So, has anyone seen a fellow T-Nationer?


Never ran into someone randomly.

But I do remember watching an Arena League football game on TV and spotting a guy in the stands with the tribal logo shirt on.


I thought I saw the tracks of one once, but I can't be completely sure.



Probably me. I leave a trail of Metabolic Drive wrappers so I can find my way home.


Yes, could have been. I had my camera ready and everything as I know no one would have believed me. Unfortunately I lost your trail.



I heard about a dude who once knew a dude who's barber was from T-Nation, no joke.


I'm always sporting my Testosterone shirt at the gym and occasionally outside in the summer, but nobody has ever really commented on it intelligently.



i haven't seen anyone from here in person. I've seen a couple of guys with bb shirts.


Ive met two people. One is actually my neighbor.

I wore my T-Nation at the gym the other day. As soon as I walked in the door this guy kept staring at my chest. Yeah, at first I thought he was admiring the girls, but it was the shirt. (ha) As I was leaving he said, "Hey B-3". I was so embarrassed I ran to my car!!! LOL



B-3, I feel for ya. That's something I would do, wait until the last second and say something intentionally creepy for the sake of making myself laugh.

Off topic: I went to the bank and after I deposited a check, I told the teller (who I'd never met before, I just knew her name) to tell her boyfriend (a good friend of mine) that I said hi. She was so freaked out, but I thoroughly enjoyed it...and now we're friends (or good acquaintances, something like that).


I was more embarrassed because he knows about my MAN LOVE comments and all the other dorky perverted things I say to all you boys!! In jest of course... But trust me...T-Nation is NOT a website I want my mom and sister to come on. My brothers will get on here every once in a blue moon and I tell them they are not allowed to look at SAMA!!! LOL

Being in SAMA is kinda like going to a sex club and seeing your boss. You may be doing and saying all kinds of freaky stuff but you dont want anyone you know to hear or see you do it!! Ya know????


Oh that would be VERY BAD. I don't post there often, but I do frequent it. I wouldn't be too embarrassed, since I know not single girl that would join this site, so I have nothing to fear. You, however...well, just make sure no one finds out, lol.


wait wait wait!

I thought you had a date with someone from here?


where do you go to school?


Yep, that's why I originally said 2. The date and my neighbor.

Guess I dont really count the guy at the gym because I didnt actually "meet" him.


ooohh I see, I thought the two were the neighbor and the gym guy.




gotcha, I only asked because i wore a T-Nation shirt to my school's gym the other day and was also on the track. would have been a weird coincidence


No mam.


Yeah it would have. Too bad though. I was gonna say something to the guy, but I was too busy running at a faster-than-conversational pace.