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Ever Run into Tiny Badasses?


Hi guys,

Have you ever encountered unexpected badassery from a small guy versus you (I'm 30, lifting for 8 years or so, weighing around 110kg/242lbs, 1m80, 14% BF at the moment. Never juiced or anything. And I'm an easy going guy, never looking for problems and getting along with like 99% of the gym)?

Today there was a tiny kid (about 60kg/132lbs, 17-18 years) doing deadlifts with terrible form (but that's not the issue). When he was done he removed the weights and let them on the ground scattered all over the place. I had to manoeuvre between the piles.

He simply walked away and I confronted him "are these your weights? Is it too much to hassle to put them back where they belong?". I didn't yell but it was not to be mistaken.

The guy looked at me with an attitude like he was going to rip me apart and was not intimitated at all. He said "I'll do it after I get my drink". Later he walked right past me, like an inch awayn looking me right in the face.

Now... He could fit in me like 2,5 times. When I get in a situation with a guy twice my size, I'd be rather like "oops shit".

Is this the attitude of youngsters?

I've always picked the path of conversation, but sometimes I guess the only thing they'll understand is a good beating.

Or do I have to be like 286lbs and shredded?


How much can you bench?


Depends did he look like this,


I'm pretty sure it wasn't Bruce Lee :-)))


but it does make you think, I mean before his movies who was Bruce to the average guy...nobody. Just my silly azz way of saying ya never know,

Kids will be kids and A-holes will be A-holes, if you felt he was flexing on you pass it to a trainer let them handle it. Becuase in his eyes you don't scare him. So if you flex back is it worth the chance of getting boosted from your gym.

Or there is there is the brooklyn way.


Yeah. When I was in the 8th grade and about a hundred pounds, I was hanging out in the park with some friends. There was another kid there who was visiting from out of town. He was about 75 pounds and he said he was a wrestler. I said hey I'll wrestle you. That kid tore my ass up. After, he disclosed he was the state champ. I'd say he was a tiny badass.


Not to be an ass, but lifting heavy weights off a floor doesn't mean you can blue. Be careful you don't come across a tiny dude who can actually fight.


That's the recklessness of the high-test and inexperience that comes with being 18, LOL. When I was 17, I had this friend Ted, and you couldn't tell that guy shit without him giving you attitude. It was like anyone trying to tell him what to do or how to do it was somehow talking down to him, and he wasn't havin' it.

All you can do is move on. You're not really gonna beat on some little twerp. That guy is probably on bodybuilding.com as we speak, bragging about how "Alpha" he was. Bwahahahahahahaha. Like I say, let that shit roll off and just move on.




That's true. Besides I find that aggression in public places makes you look kinda silly and immature.


Letting it roll off :slight_smile:


Every once in a while, you need to smack a bitch. If he walked an inch from me while maintaining eye contact, I would consider it a direct challenge. The question is sir, what do YOU do when challenged. Me? I'd smack the fuckin shit out of him and we take it from there. Two big guys understand it's like the old USSR and the USA...potential mutually assured destruction. It's always the lil fuck that starts shit. It's up to you (a superpower) to remind him of his place.


Smart man let it go.....

Now having said all of that. If you ever do have to go up against a small guy or as you said someone that you could fit two inside of you. Fight them like they are 3TIMES your size. Sometimes little tough guys have thrown hands more than bigger guys and they may and will suprise you.


or just foam roll that shit.


^is there any problem a foam roller can't solve? I don't think so.


LOL that sounds like me when I was in school...

Was a competition wrestler in junior and senior high and held the championship for my weight category (buck thirty back then)...

I had a few friends in other schools and we used to get together in the evenings and wrestle in my basement, or outside in the park (people always called the cops as they thought we were brawling)... Mind you, at times we did have some people come by that wanted a piece of me and my friends would just laugh knowing what they were walking into...

Years later when I was working out at Gold's, I had an Asian friend that was going for his first dan black belt... We have this 'rough' area of our city and he would always stroll through it at night, hoping someone would try to mug him... He called it a practice session without pads...

To the OP, this guy just sounds like an ass... I'd just ignore him...


I am a tiny badass.

I'm 5'9, 148lbs when the following happened. The other guy was probably 5'9" but around 220lbs. The story goes like this:

One time in my old gym (before moving) this new customer starts giving me a hard time because of some shit that was going on in American Samoa (I was in [Western] Samoa). He was all pissed off and trying to start shit with the white boy (everyone else there was Samoan). Luckily the Peace Corps trains us in the language, I had been in Samoa for a year and a half, and I had been going to that gym regularly the entire time...

I turned back to him and said, "Excuse me? Do you have something to say to me?"
to which he immediately clenched up and retorted with "Do you have a problem?"
I replied, "If you're going to be rude to me than yes I do have a problem" and stared straight at him

he again asked, "You got a problem?"
I replied again, "Yes if you're going to continue being rude then I have a problem with it."
we then stared at each other for a few seconds before he backed down...

He then saw me move the heavy bag down the entire rack with a single kick (it's a chain draped over the top so when I saw move it, I mean literally move the entire thing down the rack its hung over). The other regulars asked me what the problem was and I said there was none. He later came up and apologized for being an asshole, told me he was a police officer and that if I ever needed anything to just let him know.

I'm a pretty well trained fighter. On the street someone bigger than me I'll still walk away. But in a gym that I'm a regular at and everyone knows and would've backed me... when both people are 1 on 1 and clearly don't have any hidden weapons.... I would've thrown down in a second with that chump.


Don't be, Dickbag. Walk a mile in my small shoes (5'4"). No matter what I accomplish in life, there's always some big fucker who thinks I have Napoleon Complex and thus have to prove my worthiness.


his attitude has nothing to do with his size and everything to do with him being 18.


Wellll, I'm going to say 50/50 on that. We have a lot of young guys in my gym and there all respectufll.