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Ever Notice How Easy It Is To See Online Respect?


Go to RMP right now and find 2 threads. One with a good rating, one with a mild rating.

"I think if you work on your calves and stuff, maybe you might kinda get even bigger?!"

Turns into:

"Jesus God child do you eat? Squats and milk!"

Just gave me a laugh...




I think I know what you mean.

In GAL, if someone mentions something goofy they saw at the gym, it can either go pro-OP or anti-OP depending on who posts soon after and what they say.


senior members can get away with any topic but newbies will get burned at the stake for writing the same thing. Also, You are far less likely to get picked on by your T-Nation friends if ever.


I say just squat and drink more milk.


haha, very true, its like it is up to the first few posters to decide the attitude and outcome of a thread :slightly_smiling:


I couldnt agree more!

It just goes to show the maturity of some in here that they cant even come up with an opinion of their own without first being prompted by something or someone beforehand.

Some potentially interesting topics get shot down even before they can get started by childish shite that seems to snowball as clingons attempt to gain favour

To echo the above ^ statement, some people get a free pass for some of the bullshit they post yet other people get annihilated! clickity Clique!

But hey' this has been said before, so on with the show...


I've read the forums for a long while now, rarely posting - and for this reason.


In This Thread


Sorry man. You posted too late to set the tone now. It has to be within the first 4 posts.


lol damn it, my B


Are you saying this thread cannot be derailed on page 2?

Pssh, TN has some killers 'round here that will straight steal your shit. We'll be back in like 26 posts.




Don't give up, Beans - We can STILL turn it.


This thread full of FAIL




Oh how mature of you. First Nards say something, then Evolv agrees and now look at you... Jumpin on the banwagon.

Exactly what this thead is about... You guys just did it lol


Because internet forums are serious business.


I agree with all of these posts above mine. Do I win?


Perceptive guy! Oh the irony :slightly_smiling:


Sometimes its just about following direction.


I remember a thread here that started with a guy asking why everyone was so weak after so many years of training while he had just started and was already dl'ing over 400. That one went for a page or two before, I believe it was Prof X, came in and turned the thread around to "maybe this guy can do it and you all need to shut up".

Turned out the guy could do it and a lot of folks looked like morons for piling on.