Ever Mix Protein Powder Flavors?

I was tired of the same old protein shakes so I’ve started mixing the flavors together… Strawberry / Vanilla is now my new favorite.

Next round I’m ordering Orange and Vanilla in hopes that it tastes like cream-sickle!

Anyone else try this? Any other good combo’s I should be trying?

  • AB

chocolate/vanilla and chocolate/vanilla/strawberry

Chocolate/Banana or strawberry/banana are some of my favorites. Chocolate and strawberry don’t even out IMO, the chocolate over powers the strawberry.

Grow! Whey with butterscotch pudding is the shit!

I have mixed my Protein poweder with green tea. It sounds gross but its really good. I make my green tea. I like Tazo Zen (grean tea) and then add my protein to it. :slight_smile:

Rootbeer / Vanilla for a rootbeer float? Hmmm… could be good.

Edit: I thought there was a rootbeer flavor for some reason - am I going crazy over here?

Oh hell yeah! I mix my ON Rocky road with my Vitamin Shoppe Banana Cream. It tastes like some sort of mixed ice cream. It makes me happy come liquid meal time.

When i had my original and chocolate Surge flavors, i would mix them because the chocolate had more bcaa’s in them and it was mmmm mmmm delicious!

Yep, trying to conserve some space I dumped the remaining Strawberry Metabolic Drive into my Banana Metabolic Drive. Good stuff.

Yup i mix Chocolate with Vanilla all the time, also Vanilla with Superfood is amazing

I’ve tried, but it usually ends up tasting nothing like I expected.

Try this:

1 and 1/2 scoops strawberry
1/2 scoop vanilla
1 and 1/2 cups coffee
1 cup skim milk

Sometimes I have this for breakfast, it’s the fire.
Using Body Fortress whey this equals 60g protein.