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Ever Met a Celebrity Who Was a C**t?


I used to be a doorman at a top swish Glasgow restaraunt and met my fair share of celebrities. Some were nice as pie and others were total cunts.

KD Lang - Totally up herself and reeked of bad attitude. Looks like a fucking dude as well.

Helena Christiansen - Hot as fuck but a fucking rude cow. Didn't even leave me a tip. Even Z listers leave tips but this uber babe turned whorebag was on some superior shit. Beautiful eyes though.


Were you wearing skinny jeans at the door?

I'm sure that's why they didn't tip you, they didn't think you were old enough to actually be working there.


Both my oldest brother and a good buddy have met Matthew Mconaghay [I know that's not spelled right] and both said he's the definition of jerk-off. I've played ball with a handful of NBA players and most were pretty cool. My dad used to have lunch with Chuck Norris about once a year and he's a really nice guy. I don't think I personally have had any bad celebrity experiences.

EDIT: Scratch that. When I was like 10 my neighbor tried to get Warren Moons autograph at a swim meet. Moon asked if he had 20 bucks, to which my neighbor laughed. Moon asked "does it look like I'm joking?" and told him to scram. What kind of douchebag would charge a 12 year old kid $20 for an autograph?


LOL Nah mate. I was wearing a penguin suit (black trousers, white apron). I looked like a fucking reject from Bugsy Malone. Used to make a shitload in tips though.

Why wouldn't they tip if they thought I was too young? You're fucking tripping out yer nut mate.


Ha Warren Moon that's a blast from the past. What a dick.


I don't think you can necessarily judge someone by a 10-20second encounter. Those people that seemed nice might be douchbags and the douchbags may really be cool deep down. That being said Wyclef is a douchbag. Met him at a car show and yeah he's a douche. Marcellus Wiley is cool met him at a lounge in Manhattan very laid back and classy dude. Even with all the trim that was running up to him.


That's true Pootie Tang however you can only go by the quality of the interaction and I left with a nasty in my mouth after meeting these no mark z listers. I was raging about Helena as well cos I've fancied her for years. Hell I would have even fucked KD under the right circumstances.


The kind that beats his wife too?


I met a few pro wrestlers...

Farooq/Ron Simmons - Real class act, met him at an indie show. I had to pay for an autographed picture, about 10 bucks, it's how he makes his living these days though so, I didn't mind. Really nice, cool dude, polite, well spoke....HUGE hands. We shook hands and brother had mammoth mits. Then he asked my girlfriend at the time if she wanted an autograph..but he said "What about you little baby?" I don't give a fuck if he called her baby! he's ron simmons!

Gangrel - Really fun to talk to real laid back and chill. Same indie show. I told him it was good to see him, his response? "It's good to be seen, brother, good to be scene." Only charged 5 bucks. Pretty cool.

Luna Vachon - I met her backstage at a WWF show when I was around 10, really sweet. Her voice throws you for a loop though, talks like she gargled with nails. Sweetheart though, asked how I was doing in school and stuff. Her autograph was free.

Stone Cold Steve Austin - He is huge. He's like some sort of bull/man-wall. Really polite, met him the same day I met Luna. I didn't say much, he asked my mom what I would prefer and autograph or photograph...then he said "Ah, hell, why not both?" he proceeded to do both. Awesome guy, huge hands as well. Also, he smelled like Dove hand soap. I know that's weird to point out, I just thought it was bizarre this huge athlete who sweats for a living smelled pretty good. Really nice though, polite, even called my mom "ma'am".

Al Snow - Funny and laid back as hell, he even played the circle game with my brother...my brother lost and got punched my Al Snow.

Dean Malenko - Comedic genius! haha. really funny guy, polite, made you feel like old friends.

Hardcore Holly - Rude asshole. Acted like he owned the WWF or some shit...horse toothed motherfucker.


Ha thats awesome. I went to see Smackdown when it came to Glasgow with my mate who's a heavy wrestling buff. Dean Malenko was there and my mate kept shouting 'Iceman' at him. He didn't even have a fucking clue what he was on about. Malenko was slept on as a wrestler big time. His fights with Guerrero in ECW were the stuff of legends.


Shit I forgot about that. There was also something about his mistress dying in a plane crash or something. Anyone remember/know what I'm talking about?


I have NO idea who the other guys you listed are. But that's awesome you met Stone Cold. How old were you at the time?


Being a promoter for sbe, i meet celebrities all the time. Some are dicks, some are not. Once you realize they are just normal people, you can act more according to how they are acting towards you. One thing i've also realized while promoting in Hollywood is that i'm only 5'9, but most celebrity/actors are fucking short around the 5'4, 5'5 height.


Jay Cutler was a dick.

Maybe because all the fans kept asking the same thing. "how much do you bench?"


I've run into Jason Taylor (Dolphins) through work related stuff more times than I can count on my hand and I've worked out next to the Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in my gym. Both are pretty cool and down to earth but I don't go out of my way to act like a tool around them. Just treat them like normal people and be respectful of their personal space.

I have on the other hand met some wanna be local celebrities that think they are the shit and act like total douchebags.


I tied one one with Jake the Snake, and Hacksaw Jim Dugan a few years ago in college. We saw them at a bar, and decided we could out drink them.

We were wrong. They are professionals, I remember nothing outside of "hello".


Jack Urboady, your boy was hollering out Dean Malenko's nickname, he had a stare like ice!

Black Label, I was about ten when I met Austin.
Ten years later when I was 20, almost 21, my former manager met Stone Cold and told him about me and stuff...he said he remembered me and then made a little sign that said " Insertmyrealnamehere Is Cool". Then took a picture holding it and signed a t-shirt for me.

I imagine when i'm 30 me and Austin will cross paths again.


coutningbeans, that's officially badassery at its finest.


Pretty sure that is the night I rode home in the truck bed and slept there...

But that could also be a different night also.


Aye. Malenko was looking at my mate cos he couldn't understand his Glaswegian accent. Madness. I gave Orlando Jordan a high five as well cringe