Ever Listen to the Words?

Ain’t no need to worry
There ain’t no use to cry
‘Cause I’ll be comin’ home soon
To keep you satisfied
You know I get so lonely
That I feel I can’t go on
And it feels so good inside,
babeJust to call you on the telephone,
I said
Ooh baby, I love you
What more can I say?
Ooh baby, I need you
I miss you more every day
I woke up early this mornin’
And the sun came shining down
And it found me wishin’ and hopin
‘Mama you could be around
For you know I need youM
ore than the air I breathe
And I guess I’m just tryin’ to tell you, woman
Oh, what you mean to me,
yeah yea
I’m tryin’ to tell you I love you
In each and every way
I’m tryin’ to tell you I need you
Much more than a piece of lay
Ooh baby I love you
What more can I say
Oh baby I need your sweet lovin’
I miss you more, more every day
Oh baby I love you
Baby, bay I need you

Lynyrd Skynyrd -

Slow down, big viking, you’re gonna scare OMO away.

Take more than this to scare her away…she is all woman!

You a Skynyrd fan?

Push should be sniffin’ around here soon. He’s a simple man.