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Ever Laugh at a Laugh?

I have watched this video 3 times and still tear up because i’m laughing so hard. The man in the middle is just too funny. (Starts about a minute into the video)

I’ve laughed at Mitch Hedberg laughing at his own failed joke.


my sister and I almost died with laughter watching this!!! LOL!

Jesus christ.

That might be the second-funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

Laughing is contagious

I just spit out my tea!

“hyilk hyilk hyilk”

lol, that’s good, worth watching till the end too

In my seminar classes there is this girl with a horrible laugh. Fortunately I use her as a joke-meter based on the loudness of her laugh.

I often find myself laughing at inappropriate moments and then I start laughing at the fact that I’m laughing at an inappropriate moment, and things really get out of hand. The best example is when I was giving a presentation in one of my physics classes. The class of ten consisted entirely of physics majors. Our college gives us a special lounge to study in so we’re all basically like a bunch of brothers that hound one another constantly. The kid that went before me is probably the least intelligent, laziest member of the department, but he had some Crazy power point skills.

Me and my partner do not have power point skills. When I went to the front of the class to start talking I started giggling at the idea of our crappy two slide presentation following his 20 slides, with a 5 animation minimum per page, behemoth of a program. The further I got into the program, the more I laughed. The teacher, who ussually prides himself on professional behavior, was beginning to find it impossible to keep a streight face. Then, when I went to change slides, one of my graphics appeared on only half the page. The teacher curled himself into a ball and laughed into his knees. It was pretty epic.

That was funny, for about the first 3 minutes of him laughing. I was crackin up then it kind of got borderline obnoxious for me.

I’m the type of person that will mimic someone’s laugh out in public. Sitting in a restaurant or wherever, I hear some horrible laugh and get the overwhelming urge to mimic that person. That, in it’s self is probably obnoxious, but people glare at me and I think it’s hilarious, along with whoever I’m with.

That video is great.

I have a friend that, whenever he laughs, I (and usually everyone else) starts laughing as well.

People crying makes me uncomfortable, and I guess I laugh when I’m uncomfortable. You know what that means? I laugh at funerals. Extremely embarrassing.