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Ever Heard of Plates Less Than 2.5 Lbs?


I'm shocked when people have never heard of a trap bar or hell the other day this kid (19, works out a lot), didn't know the name of a Smith Machine, though he's used it.

So, I feel dumb I guess for never hearing of weight plates less than 2.5 lbs.

Poll time:
Have your heard of weight plates less than 2.5 lbs? Yes or No



Eleiko makes 0.25kg and 0.5kg plates.

Poliquin swears by them.


Yes. Platemates. For shame.


Yes. My first gym had 1.25s and 2.5s. We would also use the collars to up weight very slightly. But then we were noobies who just had Arnold's book and no internet.


Yes, but I did not purchase them yet.


Our lowest increment at the gym is 1.5lbs.


Yup, there are 1.25-pound plates on some of the dumbells in my gym.
There are also magnetic plate-mates that you can temporarily add to a DB.


Our gym also has 1.5


fuck, lol


But now try going to the training logs and see how many of them show, from the barbell weights, that they USE microloading.


I've heard of them, as well.

I don't use them, though... I'm still at the point where I can add 5 - 10 lbs on most lifts simply through rotating exercises, rep schemes every now and then, and eating big.

I keep them in mind for the future, though.


I work at a fitness equipment store, we have ones that go down to 1/4 kg. Small...lol.


TO help the OP,

I never heard of them either.


haha me either. i reall don't even see the point in them


well, you'll never get big with that attitude


Heard of - yes
Use - no


Still working my way up to them, when I bench I usually grab a stick and put 2 clips on the end and rep out a few hard reps, mixed with a superset of curls of with empty coke cans and a few tricep kickbacks with with some Dandelions usually hits my triceptuals, bicentenial and chesticals pretty solid brah!


when it comes to a PR only 45's count!


I like the gym that spray painted everything under 10 pounds a bright pink. Implying that unless you are a pussy or have a pussy, you don't have any business putting these on an olympic bar. Competitions aside, of course.



Completely pointless thread.