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Ever heard of Dicyclopentanone (DCP)

Just wondering if anyone has used this or knows whats its physiological effects are?

Hey, Ironmanski, you might want to post on the steroid forum to see if anyone over there is more up on DCP. From what I could find, DCP is one of a group of nonsteroidal anabolic/androgenic substances developed by the Russians. It increases muscle mass and decreases body fat with minimal androgenic activity. It’s usually taken at night when GH levels are high and is advertised for use by people who are in a hardening phase.

That’s all I know. I’ve never used it, so I’m not aware of how effective it is. Me? I’d propbably take Methoxy . . . and in fact, I do. (grin)

Thanks…I had not been able to find anything on DCP at all, except a manufacturer. I didnt even think to post over on Steroids. Anyway, thanks for info.