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Ever Have Ringing in the Ears?


Anyone else ever had tinnitis? I've had it for going on three weeks now and it's driving me fucking nuts.

Tried everything from swimmer's ear drops, to ear wax removal, to antibiotics. Finally broke down and went too see my GP who gave me a $40 hearing test to concur that I did in fact have hearing loss (thanks Doc, I told you that when I walked in the door).

Everything looks fine from the outside in, so it looks to definitely be inner ear issues.

Seeing the ENT this week...

anyone else ever have this? Did it resolve itself?


All the time especially after gym from music too loud.


I've had it since I was 12 and started running. Nothing helped. I have perfect hearing despite the three different noises I have going on in my head. The first few months it drove me crazy but you get used to it and don't notice it any more unless very tired or stressed.


Mine's not from trauma or any impact/loud noise. I literally was sitting at work and then over the next hour I was in the floor from vertigo. The vertigo finally left but the ringing never stopped.

It's a pain because it's so loud it's making it hard to hear with my "good" ear. Not to mention when I hear a noise it takes me a minute to figure out where it's coming from.


I went through years of bppv (vertigo). I saw primary care docs, ENTs, osteopaths, chiropractors, had x-rays, MRI, all kinds of blood work. I spent years trying to get help until I was diagnosed by a vestibular therapist.The ears do a hell of a lot more than just transmit sound to your brain. Most docs, including ENTs, dont know a lot about vertigo or tinnitus-you have to go to someone that specializes in these types of problems. check out
Vestibular Disorders Association

They have a search function for doctors that specialize in these types of problems in your area.


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Its tinnitis, guessing from your screen name you a Heli medic and if so its normal. Hell I had it all the time but it never really bothered me like some of these guys are saying. Though it does suck when one keeps saying huh? Say that again? Makes one feel dumb.
Also what loud noises are you around?


Nope I'm a regular ground pounder and although I'm around sirens, etc I'm pretty sure it's not from exposure to noises. Otherwise it would be gradual loss or I'd be on scene and then after I'd hear a buzz or something. This went from completely fine to WHAT? in an hour, accompanied by a headache from the pressure like my ears wanted to pop. The vertigo from no where also leads me to think inner-ear fluid shift of some type.


I'm going to see an ENT in a few days anyway, with hopes it's a blockage in the eustation tube. What worries me is that although I get allergies I wasn't sick and my sinuses weren't bothering me at the time. I wasn't fighting a cold or anything. And it's been way to long to be viral and hasn't gotten worse from an infection. In fact he said looking into the ear there was no swelling, scar tissue, anything. :frowning:

I don't currently have vertigo but that to me is the tell-tale sign that there's either a change in fluid viscosity or pressure.

My main concern is going through 100000 tests and be sitting here a year from now with this BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ in my ear.


Mine rang off and on for years. With a series of sinus and ear infections, my left got worse in 1991 and always rings. I've had a deviated septum fixed, tonsils and adenoids removed that contributed to poor sinus drainage and a blocked eat tube.

I too had my hearing tested many times and my ENT asked me if I was ever in the service mainly doing artillery. My hearing loss is consistent with exposure to loud noises like firworks and loud cars.

I'm told that there is little that can be done for it. I hear fairly well and the ringing gets worse with ear inrfections. I really don't notice it that much. There are treatments like bio feedback that supposedly work.



Got mine from a combination of riding around far too much in rattling Mi-8s & 17s and a getting a couple of good cases of malaria. Just don't notice the ringing anymore unless it's really quiet and/or I think about it.



This just hit me yesterday, driving me nut & how on earth you guys live with this is beyond me!
I have had sinus probs all week, long with a neck/upper back issues. Saw my good buddy who
is a chiro on Mon. and Fri. It cut my night short last night which was fine with me. But this sucks bad.
I believe it's due to taking too much meds the past few days. Hopefully it will go away soon!