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Ever have a Resistance Band Snap/Break During a Set?

This hasn’t happened yet, but my gym doesn’t have pins to accommodate resistance bands. This requires Dumbbells and choking or double banding them around the bottom of the squat rack. I noticed this last dynamic upper body day that one of my bands has a layer that is breaking free. It made me wonder if anyone has ever experienced a band breaking mid set! Please share if it’s happened. Also how long do you usually use bands before they are switched out?

That one senator bro got all banged up when that happened to him.

Broken ribs, broken orbital, blindness in one eye.

He sued for $50,000.

Yeah, but I had the mini band quadded for deadllifts so I didn’t lose all tension instantly, It was speed work too so there wasn’t much weight so I just set it down. My hip felt a smidge funny, but I just walked it off.

In the future, I will be much more wary because that could’ve been much much worse. Like if a band snapped while doing ME squats. Yikes…

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No,and I hope I never will

What do you you mean quadded?

And that’s good that you could just walk it off. Haha I never even thought twice about it until I saw the band start degrading ever so slightly. It would be terrible on max effort day.

Like this dude:

Except instead of around the bottom of a power cage, they around my feet.

What I hear of most people doing is that when their bands start to fray, they relegate them to things like triceps work, face pulls, band pull aparts, and changing strength curves of machines. Stuff where if it’s the band’s time, it won’t be so bad.

Fortunately, compared to lots of other lifting gear they’re not so expensive.

That reminds me, I need to get some new mini bands.

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This is always in the back of my mind when hitting reverse band squat. Even with weight I can hit without bands if they snap I wouldnt be ready for the full weight to hit me

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From experience, I can say some things about what not to do with the bands to get the most life out of them.

*store them where there subjected to temp extremes (like in your car)
*store them where bunched up a lot. It’s a lot better to have them loose with fewer bends. Better yet, hang them on something.

It’s usually pretty easy to tell when a band getting more likely to snap. Like when it’s frayed or it just doesn’t have as much tension as it used to. So if you use some common sense, I wouldn’t worry about them snapping.


Yes, and it was no fun.
I buy new bands every 12-24 mos.
I use the new ones for the typical use and the old ones for pull aparts, pressdowns, standing ab etc…
I just date them with a sharpie
Worth every dollar after the band snapped

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if you’re doing them with reverse band squats the worst case scenario, one band snaps, your instinct drops the bar and the good band flips it over on your head. I’m wondering if it’s safer to do those with 4 light bands rather than 2 heavy ones.

Honestly, I kinda think that’s almost getting into the realm of OCD haha. When my band snapped, it’s because I stupidly did things.

  1. That band had way less tension than it used to.

  2. That band was many years old

  3. It was fray in multiple spots and simply not as thick in some spots as others because frays that were worn off.

  4. I quadded the bands which of all types of setups is probably the hardest on the band

  5. I stored them tightly packed in my gym bag clanging around with my belt, lifting shoes, and bb collars.

The stupid was strong with me that day. But it’s hard for me imagine that if you do things at least semi-intelligently that will happen.