Ever Get Fitness Reimbursements?

My bro recently informed me about this so I wrote a blog about it in case people didn’t know.

Basic jist - some health insurance companies send you a check for your gym membership fees to keep you motivated to stay healthy thereby cutting their costs down the line.

Really appreciate feedback and more info if anyone has anything to add/share.

If that’s what you need to stay motivated, maybe you’re not cut out for this, brah…

Its nice to get money for what you are doing anyway. But yeah, don’t think it would serve as motivation. You could pocket the money and still not go to the gym and basically its a wash. Insurance company should demand results for the payment. Like pt score and then scale payment to score. I should be in the insurance business.

Depends on the gym and your insurance provider. The commercial gyms in my area have deals like this with some insurance companies, but unfortunately mine is not one of them (and I go to a non-commercial gym). I know for a fact LA Fitness and Lifetime will do this depending on the provider in my area. The quotes I’ve heard are about $20-40 a month.

There have been comps like this for a long time. One place I worked would give office workers a one hour paid lunch if they spent half of it walking. There was a big group of women who did this.

Another place would pay for supplements up to $120.00/month and included membership at a health and wellness facility.

I’ve got UHC and couldn’t find 24 Hour Fitness on their list of covered gyms.