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Ever Get a Protein Pump?

I ate 150g of food protein yesterday which is about 1g per lb for my body weight.

I had two pork chops, a hamburger patty, yogurt, whole milk, ham and cheese. And potatoes and rice for carbs, two small salads for micronutrients.

Today I feel like my muscles are all strong and tight, as if I just got back from a good full body workout.

This happens to me often the day after I get good meals in with lots of protein.

Probably glycogen replenishment and the extra water stored with it.

Or placebo.

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Hmmmmm… you think this may have anything to do with it?


I have on rare occasion felt well after eating well all day, yes.


I just checked and I had 147g of carbs which is pretty normal.

I only feel this way the next after eating lots of protein, particularly good food based protein.

I typically only have 90-110g which is too low.

There’s that phrase again.
How Is this different from non food protein?

I usually supplement with whey protein bars or shakes. It helps but you miss out on a lot of other nutrients found in real food.

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Oh I see. So you are using supplements as meal replacements instead of supplements and then you are amazed at how you look/feel when you eat actual meals. Gotcha!

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I was born with one.


This is not a thing. It’s likely a glycogen pump or placebo as others have said.

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If the pump was “protein dependent,” then what would the lack of micronutrients in supplements have to do with it?

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Protein pump sounds like a new Fleshlight product or some shit :joy:


sounds like a new Fleshlight product

Lol :joy::rocket::muscle: