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Ever Feel Like You're Alone?


Nope? Me neither :slight_smile:


Ya know, its never too late to edit your post and delete this essay.


Not sure what was wrong but I took your advice.


Once a year, a new member would post a long message and talk about his feelings. And every time he does, 5 out of 10 guys who reply will call that poster a pussy.

The other 5 would reply with "Try Sticking It In Her Pooper".

Your best bet is to hold in your emotions, drink alcohol, and let it turn into a ball of hatred which you unleash at family function or a friendly get together.


I like it dude. Very phyco killer stuff.

Ill give it a few years, let the anger build and build inside while I pretend nothing is wrong.

And then one day, while either at a wedding or a funeral for a family member or friend ill let that little ball of hate rip and slaughter them all using a barbell.

And then ill stick it in her pooper:)

Thanks for the advice dude.


Another life saved. You're welcome.


lol Wol...



x2, hahaha!


Dude, you should really talk to someone about this shit...


Oregand, I actually read your original thesis. How old are you? Serious question.


I don't feel like I'm alone, but I always feel like somebody's watchin' me.




Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't after you.


I'm forever alone. Even in crowds, I have no connection. Likewise, the crowd has no connection with me. Alone, forever-untouched...never have my ears been caressed by a sweet and inviting voice..not has my body been met by warmth and engulfing hugs....A shadow..even on the face of the sun...I loathe without end the indifference the world shows me...well, that loathing turned into an indifference of my own.

Why keep living? No one knows I exist..so how would it be possible for anyone to know that I am gone? Or was ever here to begin with? I am Absolute zero..not even "1" for "1" would imply that I recognize myself...which just is not true any longer.



I'm 19 years old dude.





Epic Thread.

Wolbarret - protector of the interwebz since 2005.

All hail Wolbarret.

<---------------------Prostrates self--------------------------!


I laughed so much at that I almost coughed up a lung.


First, this is for Wol.

Next, Oregand, you're young, and it sounds like you have a bit of an obsessive personality. Get out of the gym, and re-immerse yourself into the world (read: get laid.) That should fix things a bit.

I'll attempt to save this thread next.