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Ever Feel Like a Threadkiller 54


Fuck yeah!!!


Im first


BK wins again I mean TK wins again. Good win Rod.


LOL Change the name to regular plz. This is like lifting in a gym where the DB's are all out of order.


This is just funny to see. The Rock is a large man.


x 5000000000000000000000000000000000000


What I am trying to say to you is: Once you get up to a weight and hold it, you may not need all 5k cals to keep it.


Edgy helping motivate Derek on Skwatz -


I agree. The Mods must have shortened it. If necessary, please take out the RB Edition. Thank you.


Yeah It was not that at first. The Mods must have been having some fun. hahahahaha


460 I like moving heavy shit too!


Pick up, put down, repeat.


Oh boy! I had to catch up!

Mims---I think if I saw you out and about, I'd know you lift. You look good, misses.

I was 170 at one point 6ish years ago. 20 of it flew off with just some dietary changes and a diabetes diagnoses.
Stayed at 150 land for a couple of YEARS but my body comp changed a bit. When I did figure i would weigh in at 135-140.

Now with this job and having a normal schedule, I'm at the 130 mark pretty comfortably. I eat 1500-2000cals a day, which feels like a lot by the end of it. Not sure what stage weight will be next year but I can't imagine it will be a whole lot less than 130, to be honest.


What about push across the room? Does moving myself count as moving heavy shit? I've been working on my (lack of ) pull up game lately.


Which one am I the catcher or the pitcher?


about 13 years ago I was stationed in Hawaii I had just hit 220 and felt like I was a monster and strong. Then at my new unit I met this guy who asked me to go spot him during lunch. We went to the local Gym and hahahah well these were the guys we trained with. I was beyond the smallest.




Is that you pulling the truck?


Big people lifting big things. It was like a church thing out there.


HG I am asking to stop pissing off my wife, she is JLO.