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Ever Feel LIke a Threadkiller 48





Abso Totes Confuz.


Have no clue whats the haps at this point...
three threads no threads
hella posts
no posts



I'm sure all of THESE are going to disappear magic too.


Why are the Mods doing this to us?





Worcery is afoot here.
Strange, Powerful, Worcery!


Do you think they're gonna release JLO?

Or is she sucked forever into the anti-thread-matter void?

That would HELLA SUCK.


it would suck for DJ, for sure! We can try and rescue her?

umm...While I AM concerned, I do need to state that I am really excited that it is boot season!!!!!! I <3 boots


Thank GOD! Somehow I ended up with like ten pairs of six inch high heels over the summer... kinda unwearable now in alot of situations. I'm hoping the winter boots don't ALL have a one inch platform and I can get a few that don't put me at six one when I wear them LOL.

Also, its really NOT boot season here yet. Its barely sweater season :frowning:

pic unrelated


I'm in.




And IH comes alive!!

Just the tip? Now, do firefighters just stop at the door, or do they go ALL IN to extinguish that shit??



It was like 65 degrees here today. I wore the cutest shit! Some skinnys tucked into some boots and a long sleeved lace shirt with a nude tank under. Suh cute.



Sounds more like hemorrhoids to me.


Oh Totes take me pictures next time! jeez!


potato potahto...

Gif unrelated.


SWEET, in on first page