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Ever Feel like a Threadkiller 45.0


Don't ya'all wonder about me and Toots both on Vaca at the same time, for the same amount of time?


Mebbe I've captured her, and she will do my bidding....



Darn I thought I got this one. But it ended up in sama.....we shall see whos survives good sir.


I say mine gets moved and gets to live because the vikings does not have a "?" on it. But one must die.......


BTW....I'll be heading outta here purdy soon, so have at it...

I'd like to place DJHT in charge until I come back.

all complaints please send to his PM inbox.

All TK Membership checks, please send to Ct Rockula.

Pleas be sure to post your taxicab confession vids to PMPM

Please send all nekkid pics (male) to CharlieHorse, and (female) to Fighting Fires, be sure to copy ImHUNGry on all PM's, both male and female.

All morality issues will be brought before Patches2

All discipline will be done by Rodi Black

Attitudes will be adjusted by our very own CountingBeans

the rest of you must keep within the lines of tolerance and morality as we have come to expect from this thread.

till them Yosemite, here I's come~


Mebbe it's time for SAMA to have thier very own TK thread......

great Job, FF~

you're a trailblazer~


FF thread got ganked and Masch started another one.


hahahaha yeah whats that about?!?! anywho i greatly appreciate the influx of nudes im gonna receive, pumped!!!

So heracles must have essed some D since he jumped in after it was closed, lame, and then i dont get the start. great day to bad day to great day again because edgy put me in charge of nudes hooray.

Other people probably missed me being on google+, this is fair warning before i start picking you people off and putting in ma groups. (from old thread) I just added DJ. Im trying to creep you people out on his but i dont know names and dont want to scare his friends lol. Ive noticed a couple. I think. Dont know if i want to post my name in teh forums. Also figured id let it out here for a while before i start picking people off and randomly adding them. I spy BYUkid though. yes it is creepy......

also i think everyone needs to see leroy so i will repost that here..



Wollito, to extranyo mi amorrrrr!


There once was a man from Nantucket..........


You miss Wol?


Damn I go to a dentist appointment and then look what happens.





Where are my nekkid pics??
I'm telling when Edgy gets back, you guys aren't following the rules. :stuck_out_tongue:


moar cat pics!


I have my very own basement cat now...


Hi! It is fucking hot out! Heat index was 114 degrees!!!!


beans can you get me in the BOI? i started 5/3/1 again and wouldnt mind contributing over there.


Heat. I don't miss it. Germany is pretty cool. First time in a long time I haven't been able to blend in with the shadows. It's pretty liberating, actually. Yeah...I'm pale. And have been awake since 330 this morning (it's currently 420, Sat. morning)


I was denied for my request off for August 6th to attend a Wicca ritual....now if I call off that day I get double disciplinary points.....FML.