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Ever Feel Like a Thread Killer?


So, I like to go to the "Find my posts" thing on my t-page, and see what's gone on in threads I've posted.

I've got like 5 pages of no activity since my last post.

It's almost enough to make a dude feel self-conscious!

or not.

Anyone else in that boat?


Yep. But no one like me because I'm a prick. What's your excuse?


Yeah, occasionally.


Constantly, it's why I rarely post. Though I was really hoping no one would ever reply to this thread. Seriously Mak, why ruin that perfection?


Yeah, it would have been thread suicide.



It will probably be the end of this thread but, yes I have watched many a thread fade into the archives with my name at the end of it.



Because I'm a prick. Didn't you read my post?




Lol, the best possible thing that could have happened in this thread would have been if no one posted a reply at all.


If strangers on the net are making you feel self-conscious, I'd like to add......... THREAD KILLER!!!





Or people just don't respond to me. Or they respond only when they want to try and prove me wrong.

Notice how I said try. Because my opinion is more true than yours.


I've killed more threads than all you guys put together.

So maybe we can have a little contest to see who the real thread killer is: Whose post kills this thread?


No, your wrong!


You've just ensured that this thread will never die.


My opinion can't possibly be wrong because after all, it is what I believe to be true.



As long as I get the last word that's all I care about.


Do we really want to go down that road on a thread about thread killing?


Nah bro.