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Ever Feel Like a Thread Killer? 59


I do.





Well look at you go.



going diving in Antigua in a couple of weeks.

you jelly? :wink:


I'm still digging the tat, Main.

I know you care and all....


found some old pics of my cat...


Basement Cat?!?!

I did get your pm, Toots.

My curiosity is piqued.


Well the rug is nice at least.


It's a miracle!

I will have to check out what I wrote, I was prob half in the bag! ( :


The nerve! You didn't even mention my hot pink converse!




That damn cat was in the way.


Honest question, is one foot in front of the other a slimming trick or something else entirely?


Ok... then it was a pretty boring drunk pm, then. :frowning:


Hungry - not sure what you meant by that comment but I'll give it a positive spin and say thanks. I love my piece and I'm mulling over the next 2. Getting 1 done this summer and possibly another the next.

Patch - I'll pack you in my suitcase in exchange for some french onion soup and a hula hoop demonstration :wink:


Done! I'm going ro Antigua.


I just meant what I said. Honestly. It looks great!

I was just being sarcastic with the second comment. I was being self deprecating.... :frowning:


Evening TK, I had to get up early and do some running around so I just got up from a big nap. :smiley:

Will be running soon.

Dr.P(I was going to call you DP) 0:-)
Yummy recipe in the last TK. I don't even remember the last time I had lamb, I've never made it myself either.


Yay, someone other then me owns TK!


It was one of those slow old people doing laps in the mall type races but we did it!

Go team TK!