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Ever Feel Like A Thread Killer? 57


Link to TK 56


Guess I'll try owning a TK again...

Thinking I should grow a mullet.

Pic sort of related...


Was robbed of a goal by the ref being premature with the whistle.

Shot on net, defense knocked me down.

Saw the puck by my legs, hit it with my stick, went under the goalies pads.

Ref blew the whistle, puck slides out under the pads into the back of the net...


We did win.


So TK is really killed?


Winning is good!


Hi Peaches!


What is better than one dead cat?

Two dead cats.

Also, isn't this supposed to be Charlies thread? Nothing wrong with 2busy but won't she feel robbed?


Aren't there rules to follow!

The beaver is going to hurt 2busy.


Have to go workout.

Have fun kids.


Chaaaar-ly! Chaaaar-ly! Chaaaar-ly!


I eat beavers for lunch.

If I had one to eat.

No one started TK 57 when I got back from hockey.

So I did.



Soooo....I'm 99.9% sure I have a new job.....


Yay! I hope, lol

Hope it's an improvement for you, Greenie!


Love this song!!




Well I wasn't sure I had won the last one, I thought PMPM would sneak in. lol

I was off to bed at that point(I had an early shift today).

I'm still not convinced PMPM isn't going to sneak in anyways. 0_0



What... no one else is sitting at home on a Saturday night???



Oh wait...