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Ever Feel Like a Thread Killer? 53






Edit: Well, second, but you know what I mean. Also, congrats to 460 for the kill...until PMPM steals it.


second - well techincally third .. thanks for pointing that out ink


So I'm reading the randomly-bumped beard thread and I think it is high time I grow mine back after halloween (costume requires me to be clean shaven).

Serious life decision time!


She must be putting someone away on a murder for oreos case. She has been MIA and a one hit and runner for a while now. Or she would have killed the last 5 TK's.


No problem Polo, glad to help.

460, true. You buy any new blades lately?


I owned the last 3 TK's...

And they were labeled as lame.

Good luck with your TK, four60






wasn't you Buzy, it was teh posters stinkin up the place. but I found the ignore button, and life is wonderful once more....


x2, except the ignore part. I think I'll look for that now.

Bye Edgy!


Am I the only one who doesn't use ignore?

Off to squat, laterz


TK's are never lame, TK is like a coffee or Cigar shop or cafe in NYC. Just stop in drop a wuz up to the locals. Get some info,Local news tips of the day, every now and then chase out a kid stealing and back to your day.


Just some new Neck Knives.




^ Neck Knife and put some new wood grips on my 92FS


Now back to cute




I don't use it either. Have fun skwatting! My last skwat session was 10x3 and I'm still smoked


Holy shit 460, those are bad ass!!