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Ever Feel Like a Thread Killer? 52


Link to TK 51


Carry on, TK.




cat pic!


Off for my walk.


lol at your pic, tootles!


lol @ closing out 51 talking about my chest hair.


It is an entity in and of itself dawg


walked 3 miles in 44 minutes 50 seconds...

WTF are seagulls doing in Nebraska?



12% chance... Not sure if I'm okay with that or not.


Got a Chipotle burrito and a bowl for lunch. Going to eat both before I get back up again. Hooray events day!


No more obnoxious avi chest hair~


"Occupy Winnipeg"

200 people in toques



Slogan: "Billionaires Suck, eh?"


not a single crumb of cookie brownie or cupcake passed by my lips. I was good. I know better..you can't just have one!


OMG Dried Mangos are my crack-cocaine.

Just ate a whole container.

Veins are popping out everywhere!


Im gonna throw down with some chocolate pb ice cream later and find some stupid/scary show.


I call this "Pound o' Steak and B.A.T. (Big Ass 'Tater).

Or, "Dinner".


Looks tasty Steely. I've got a crock pot full of potato soup cooking currently. Just got to pound a protein shake before I set to and then it's time to put some serious damage on some more food today.


Hey, you gotta start somewhere...

20,000 in Times Square! Social contagion FTW!



lol Steely!

True. It's just so ....cute! :smiley:

Our town had about 4 dozen people with signs outside city hall too. On the news they were talking to one of the cops on the scene in Toronto and he was all like "Yeah it's a good turnout and we hope the weather stays cooperative so everyone can have a good time and enjoy the day!"

Quite a contrast from the 200K in Rome.