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Ever Feel Like A Thread Killer? 51


Link to # 50


And here we go!




First page. Nice carpet bomb thread kill, folks.


just because I thought this episode was hilarious (Ass Burgers)


this is for nostalgia's sake


my cousin's doing a commercial for MTV2 and his album is doing well


^Hi Polo!!!

Hope the married life is treating you well.

EDIT- Cockblockers suck!


just quote who you are talking to and stop that retarded man above bullshit


^yeah what he said.


links to websites?


Just swallow & STFU.


video and commercials are being made now...I will post em when theyre available

"tugun cannon-Name, American Way-Album Name" on itunes or amazon

here is Staley that Rick Ross signed...friend from way back. Check him out if you dont know who he is. A few other dudes are are to get called up soon too

will never understand how this got so big lol glad it did though, since then Cleveland and Ohio in general has been getting scouted


I would, but......


I'm wearing 4.5 in heels at an Indian wedding. I'm the tallest woman here so far woo!




Doing more reading on dieting here on the site...


Exert your Alpha Female status. Squash them!


If that is you in the pic you posted at the end of the last thread, you have come a long way and done a damn good job so far.

Good work and keep it up


I love Penn State... but I would rather have a prostate exam than watch our offense for 4 more quarters right now.

I'll take the win though.

How's it hangin TK 51??


God beans stop flirting it has no place in TK.