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Ever Feel Like A Thread Killer? 50


Link to TK 49



whoot!!!! we did it! high fives all around, team!


Ever Feel Like A Threadkiller? 49 Killed by CH hahahahahahaha ahhhh I was thrown off by the RAVEN hair pics


Dasher, that pic was great, you look smokin!


I think I killed it with the Goodfellows gif. That would be awesome unless someone has the voodoo.



I knew CH would sneak in and kill the thread!


Was not even my intention lol.

Killed by accident.



oh high gize.


And I got to start a TK thread, yay!


well off to solve the pay drama.

the gif was for what will be going down. 0_o

Not really.


Yes definitely hope you are going out to get some attention Dasher.


Charlie--PMing you my baby mullet pictures!!! SO FUNNY!!

I always get paranoid that my hair is lightening up until I look at pictures. Raven is exactly what I hope stays.

2busy--thank you! I havent been able to go out with my friends in a month or more. Its high time.


Dasher blocked as CH went in for the kill. Giving 2Busy a free field to run for a touchdown.

I was on the sidelines looking up lady GAGA songs on youtube and eating rum raisin ice cream


Hey Bass, how's the car doing?


Males in Illinois tonight are in big trouble...

Have fun, Dash!


460---Rum Raisin Ice Cream?! swoons


I should probably change that. Im a missouri gal now. Got a sweet gig here


aww I missed the fun.

watching a washed up Punk band interview concert type thing. There old as fuck, it's funny. (Bad Religion)

Thanks for that pic Dash,nom. how YOU doin?


Bad Religion!!! Yes!!!!

Oh HEY Mimzy! You come here often?


omg I remember going to their show as a teenager. They are old as fuck lol!