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Ever Feel Like A Thread Killer? 47


I actually killed it WITH HELPFUL INFORMATION! Haha, that NEVER happens!


care to expand upon that?


so randumb


Attempting a quote/repost of what killed the last one (until I get robbed)....

Edit: It worked!


I let you have this one! ( :


this song reminds me of our little Inky.

they say its kinda frightening how this younger generation swings
you know its more than some new sensation
the kids into losing sleep
and dont come home for half the week
you know its more than just an aggravation


No idea what these threads are about. Just wanted to say hi.


These threads are about nothing. We just be kickin it yo!

I'm in...


^ Its T-Nation Facebook basically and kitty picts.


If I just sit in the corner and silently sip on a martini, will anyone find that creepy?


how does PMPM do it?

really, how does she.

do it, that is.


< ---------------- impressed.


I'll contribute, I'm in a good mood today.


Thanks Edgy, I think...

Damnit PMPM, I think you've jacked more from me than anyone else. Is this like when you pick on someone you like, back in elementary school? Yay PMPM likes me!

Damn thief!


Are you a man?



Then yes, because of the fact that you asked.


excellent....I mean, sorry bro.



I just watched a friend have a stroke. Happened about an hour ago; he was getting into his car and could not grab the door handle to close the car door. I sat next to him until the paramedics came; his voice was slurred and he had poor coordination on the left side of his body.

The paramedics had him loaded up in an ambulance about 15 minutes later. One of them mentioned my friend probably had a TIA or a minor stroke, and hopefully will recover fully.

Feel kind of rattled now.


Edgy nice ass!! also i download the whole season even though i only had to start at like 6 or something, well anywho one of them did not download im out money and wont continue until apple gives me my damn episodes in order!!!

Ink- thanks for the info!!

ae- good man hanging out until the medics got there. you realized it quick, ya did good.