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Ever Feel Like A Thread Killer? 39




I think I know bacon's secret!


what start a new thread causing me to 504 timeout


and my thread 39 is gone.....noooooooooooooooooooooo


Bacon snatch deliberately did NOT steal the thread as a gesture of good faith.

Also, was working.


You going all soft on us?!?!?

And no plans for freaky friday for me, bass. Unless you count my date with soapnet!




Everytime I see the word "bacon snatch", it repulses, it turns me on, and makes me hungry all at the same time.


WTF is up with mah gifs turning into a jpeg file?!?


Howdy. So is every TK after this one gonna be like TK 39+1? So it remains forever not in it's forties?


Wtf? This week (starting Monday) I start every day but Wednesday at 10am and next week I start every day but Thursday at noon. Good news is I'm still getting 5 days and next week I work M-F. Just when I get one sleep pattern down, I have to fuck it all up.



Is there a point in doing tricep pushdowns alternating with the triceps rope, triceps pushdown bar, and the w-shaped curl bar? I ask because there were these 3 high school freshmen doing this.


tis friday.


It is. I was off today. Work tomorrow.


Alternating or doing three different exercises?


Watched Roman Holiday tonight- good movie.

Tomorrow is a bunch of reunion type things from the dorms.

Life is good.


Happy weekend! Heading off to the beach today to freeze my ass off!


Did sprints last night, woke up this morning, sore as fuck. My abs, back, legs, calves, glutes, all destroyed...fucking love it. Gonna be cold and chilly, lovin' it.


Versus lovin' it?