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Ever Feel Like a Thread Killer 37


is it my turn?

I feel like that sad forever alone cartoon here. lolz. nobody to fight to kill the thread and make a new one.

someone poste the forever alone for me.


just realized I screwed up the title format.
maybe I will be forgiven with a cat pic...


Not alone mainy!


Hey Deb! you blew up Sama today :wink:

lookin gorgeous as always. anything fun planned for the weekend?


hai guyz


hey toots hows the mending going?


I'm reposting your Gorgeous kitty pic!


Thanks! =)

No fun. I'm sick and have to take it easy. Bah.

Hai toots!


I should have napped today but I was trying to be a hero. Oh well, I got a few more weeks until I go back to work. ( :

EDIT: Oh hai deb!


so nice of you to find a spot for my kitty Deb. I had a nasty nightmare yesterday that I found her burned. Woke up crying like a little kid. hunted her down and hugged her in the middle of the night. She was probably thinking "is it breakfast yet?"

toots: trying to be a hero? care to elaborate?


yay! the frenchie got the new tk!!!


here's another cute one...


BC, to answer your bacc question from TK36, I actually go with the pattern of the hands. I look at the vertical lines (consecutive hands) on the board and also the horizontal lines (every whatever # hand). I've noticed that 9 times out of 10 if there is a vertical pattern (player/banker/player/banker), it will break when it meets a horizontal pattern (every 6th hand is player).




You find this to be better than other "systems" ?


Felt really shitting in the gym today, really tired and no energy, but hit a new PR on military press and all weights have been going up on major lifts. Hope the trend continues for a while.

Oh, and I fucking hate Best Buy. Hate them. I would burn one down just to keep warm.


Sounds kind of like the one I use, follow the leader.


LOL....The thing to remember is that all patterns must break at some point. So I would never start betting huge. I would stay at my normal bet or maybe double it once in awhile, but I would never go from $25/hand to $200/hand or something like I see people do.


I do a regression. $10...$5...$10...$15...$20. Soon, as I lose I go back to $10. That way, if I lose on anything from the second play on ward I still have a profit. My lose rule is 50% and three loses in a row and my win rate is).

So, not all my sessions are 30% wins and few are double, but rarely do I get cleared out.


Sorry I didnt get a chance to answer before the other thread closed. Im not sure but alot of people that go enjoy some aspects of it. Usually theres a show going on if you want to shell out a couple of bucks. I just want to check it out but alot of my friends are hipster,chicken shit pussies that are too good for all that stuff.