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Ever Feel Like a Thread Killer? 35


Thought I'd make one right before I go to work here. Have a good one TK folk!

Look at this pic! LOOK AT IT!!!!





Here's the pic


screw the two of ya


screw the two of ya


I am wearin my favorite t shirt
is makin me feel better!


You from Jersey?


Cat pic to make it official!


Looking at you in your t-shirt is making me feel better, as well. Seriously, you have a bangin body!


Seriously...is she from jersey?


Not from Jersey... but that t shirt is!

TY Beast :slight_smile:


<---- fifth generation Californian


....have you at least visited the Jersey Shore?


OK that avatar is seriously disturbing!


but this will make me feel better!


OK, I've turned into a fairypants. My kid started with gauges and I decided to follow along and I only have 14 g in and my ear hurts! Burgertime.


Just making my mark...pissing on this tree over here --->


Exactly how I feel when you guys post cat pics. But you continue to post cat pics. So if I have to suffer, you all suffer.

And dammit Hallowed, have you been to Jersey Shore?! I am trying to be nice to you. Jeez.


BYU post your question again so Beans can see it when he dashes in. I personally think the answer is yes, that's a great idea but he's the CPA.