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Ever Feel Like a Thread Killer? (2)


Since the old "Ever Feel Like a Thread Killer?" thread is now locked, I figured that i'd start a new one, because it was a damn cool and irrelevant thread.

Thanks to LightsOutLuthor for the original thread.

Also, Congrats to Tootles27 for being the last person to post on the original thread.

She should get a prize, since she's the official "Thread Killer".


So, I like to go to the "Find my posts" thing on my t-page, and see what's gone on in threads I've posted.

I've got like 5 pages of no activity since my last post.

It's almost enough to make a dude feel self-conscious!

or not.

Anyone else in that boat?




That's right and don't you forget it!!!

I was wondering where I was going to post meh kitty pics.




Hey, who was the guy that told you about you being the thread killer?

That's right, it was MEH!!



Oh no, another epic diva battle!! You're awesome!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yes!!! IT'S ON, POODLES!!!


I had been thinkig about starting a thread on thread resurrecting, then realized one of you would have already taken care of it.

pic: because we've had 4 days of sun & a beach barbecue tonight.


Yeah, 2 threads of neverendingness.


(too much time on MY hands)


Are you sitting on this barstool talking like a damn fool?


I feel like i may have killed 3 or 4 threads over the past couple of weeks. I'm like a thread serial killer.


Hump day..woot woot!




I couldn't resist!!


Yes you could. You just didn't try hard enough.


Cute kitty GIF........


I feel bad for the poor souls that try to talk to me while I'm in my Surge coma. Maybe I should put a sign on my desk that says keep out?


Guzzle the cheapest bulk protein you can find. It becomes its own self-regulating "Keep out" sign.

My dog won't even sleep under my desk anymore...

Or was that over-sharing?


what was the fina post count?