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Ever Fail on the Leg Press?


Just thought about this today...I work out by myself and would be absolutely screwed if I ever failed on the leg press. Most units have safety stops, but at 6'4" my legs would be bent to the point of injury if the sled ever came down on me, even on the widest setting. Maybe some units have emergency stops, but I've never worked out on one.

Have any of you ever been pinned by a leg press?



I've seen a few morons drop the sled. The one at my gym will stop with your knees in your face, probably a painful position but shouldn't cause any pain, though at 6'4 i don't know.


No, but I day dream about it in between sets lol


Yep, I felt like a real turd sandwich.

Twice, actually. Once I couldn't push my way out of with my arms, the other I could. The time I couldn't I basically just walked myself up and out of. Really not too bad. I'm not extremely tall, but 6' isn't short, either.


Happened to a friend after he bragged about being able to leg press 400 kg, ass to plate. he failed - I farted in his face while he was stuck. He stopped saying shit like ' Man, whenever I leg press I take all the weights bro..ALL the weights..'


I was doing the squat machine one day when a guy walked by, stood there for a while staring, and then when I finished, jumped on the machine with a "let me see if I can do this...yay!" attitude. He managed to lift the weight but then collapsed all of the way to the floor and got pinned.

That was honestly the first time I ever saw that happen to someone. I was too pissed that he ruined my concentration for no reason to even laugh at the time.


That's hilarious. LMAO!! : )


The safety has saved me a couple times. All the gyms here have the same leg press machine and I have never seen one without a safety catch. At 6'4, I'd imagine the safety catch would be set higher up and be more effective for a guy your height. (that is, if it existed on your machine in the 1st place)


I was always pretty careful about not using a weight for legs that would cause me to fail during a lift. I always trained short of that.

Failing on a leg exercise can kill you.


I had an old skinny-fat out of shape guy do the same thing to me with the DB bench press. He went from 50's to 110's because he saw me doing them and "used to do them when he was younger" as he put it. They fell at 9.8 meters per second. I could not help shaking my head now matter how hard I tried not to.


Yeah I have failed on leg press a few times. All the leg press machines I use have an adjustable safety catch.
its a little uncomfortable but I can squeeze out no dramas.


I lol'd so hard.


If you ever get to the point where you are 1-2 reps away from failure (which I reach pretty much every time I leg press), you can push on your knees with your hands and that will help you grind out a few more reps.


I never thought it was possible to fail on a leg press. There are so many ways to cheat when you are about to fail... Never happened to me, and my gym has one of those heavy ass Cybex presses were the carriage stops short of the seat.

I did, however break the leg press carriage once.


Almost exactly what I was gonna say. As you approach failure, simply have your hands ready to "spot" your knees, and give them the extra push they need to get that last rep up. The end. That wasn't so hard, was it?


Many lives saved here on TN tonight.

And by lives I do mean egos.

Good work men,


I don't get it. Weights would accelerate from rest at 9.8 meters/second^2...no way to tell how fast it was falling when it hit the floor without measuring.


X2 - I'll also cross my arms to tighten my core for the last rep or two & the hands are already positioned to help if needed.


I often go to failure but then I use my arms to help push out a couple more reps. I've never gotten to the point where I could not move the weight with the assistance of my arms.