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Ever Eaten a Cat?


Anyone every eaten a cat?

I did the other day, they ain't bad. Me, and two of my buddies ended up killing and eat one up the other day.

One of my friends inherited his exgf's cat, after she ran off with half his savings to Chicago. She owes him all money and we hate the thing, so we took a bb gun and were taking turns trying to kill it. I popped it in the face just right, and that little shyt died all "meoooowwwwww."

Anyways my buddy was in China for a 2 years, and he ate cat twice while he was there, because first time he just wanted to see what it would taste like and all people eat it there, and second time cuz another dude wanted to try it.

Well, we go camping alot and kill and eat deer, duck and fish. So we just skinned that ignorant feline and cut some of the better meat out and grilled it up. Fed the rest of it to the pit.

It wasn't bad, it tastes somewhere in between lamb or goat.

What do you guys think?


'09 fail


So this is what goes on at 5:30 AM on T-Nation. Are both of you high, just wondering. That'd be pretty funny.


Can I be the first to say '09'ers suck!'?

It's noon here, so I'm allowed to post :slight_smile:


You are about the last to say that, actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't know man, these are some entertaining posts at 5:40 AM. Fuck it though I'm going to sleep. I got a COMPUTER to build tomorrow!


3IdSpetsnaz your definetly cool.... dick

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As stupid as it gets. Get a life.


I hope you die of AIDS. I'm not joking.


we need an admin to post the IP of this loser, so i can post it on 4chan /b/
that would be fun


I don't think there's anything wrong with eating cat per se. We eat all kinds of animals so why not cats? I would never eat it myself - I own a cat - but I wouldn't think less of someone for doing so (of course you should only eat it in another country like China or something since you'd have to actually kill someone's pet to eat it over here).

However, the way you say you killed the cat makes you a sick fuck in my book. Seriously, you pretty much tortured it to death, something is fucking wrong with you. Torturing animals is indicative of an anti-social personality disorder (psychopathic personality disorder), so I strongly advise you to get get some help for that.

Of course, chances are your cat-eating story is just a bunch of bullshit because you're bored, in that case I just advise you to go to sleep or something. Otherwise, call a psychiatrist.


Cat's are poisonous unless cooked correctly so id go to the doctors QUICK!!


Dude, this cat came in my room and sprayed all over my clothes. We were trying to adopt the thing, but when all my room and shyt smelled like skunk. I decided it was time to take that ignorant little bitch out mafia style. You know, cuz we're all Greeks anyways. So we threw it in the basement and used it for target practice.

That cat was such a little bitch, he didn't even like counterattack when we were gunning it down. It kind of reminded me of NES Final Fantasy honestly, cuz we were just taking turns shooting at it (were on a tight college budget and only have 1 bb gun), and it was all 'Hit, 37 damage, eye ball falls out,' or 'miss,' except of course the cats counterattack was disabled and when it died we didn't have any more cave creatures to down. That cat was such a puss.


I would like to torture you to death with a BB gun, then feed your ass to my cats :slight_smile: Meow, muthafucka!


No but I have done this to a duck.

It stopped laying eggs and used to shit all over my back porch, like shit every 5 minutes and I kept standing in the shit. After having enough, I broke its neck, and the little shit died all 'quaaaaaccckkkkk'

So I plucked that little fucker and had a big roast duck for dinner.


09s. Fuck.

I hope your parents and/or children die in a car fire.


I ran over a rabbit once and it dies all like "whatever nosie rabbits make"

Bunnies was so cute!

I have made myself sad

now I'm all like "tear"



Youz a sick bastard...


Nah, he's just a stupid...have some consideration for the idiot...he was probably dropped on his head at some point.


Rules 1 and 2 fucktard.