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Ever Catch Someone Stealing From You?


And, how did you handle it?

I ask because some jackass has been stealing from my truck lately. First thing was just a water bottle lying in the back. I assumed my wife probably took it when she was going out with the kids and it was convenient. I didn't find out she had not taken it until after my cooler got swiped from the back also. Normally I had the thing tied down in back but i had taken it out for some hauling and not tied it back down. Most recently a empty doughnut box was thrown in the back.

I'm pretty sure all three of these happened during the three times I recently stayed late at work, between 4 & 5 PM. I know for sure that's the case for the cooler and the trash thrown in the truck. I think the piece of shit built his confidence with the water then felt like he owned me after he got the cooler and could completely disrespect by chucking trash.

What amazes me is there is a big window right in front of where I park, it's dark inside and the prick would have no idea if someone is looking out when he goes by. He's just chancing that no one is. I don't have anything going on after work tomorrow so i plan to be looking out between 4 & 5. I'll probably also scatter some water bottles or something else of minor value in back.

My initial plan if I were to catch someone was to go out there and kick ass. If there was more than one, I'd pepper spray them, then drop a few haymakers. But then, damn thoughts and reason started creeping into my head. I've got a pregnant wife, a couple of kids and a good job. Probably best if I don't fuck up and get arrested or something. I figured I could sit up on the roof and spray garlic oil down on them. That would literally ruin their lives for at least a week but it wouldn't put fear in their hearts. I want them to fear the psycho who owns that truck, not do something they are likely to seek retaliation for.

So, back to my original question, how have you handled it when you caught someone, or, how do you think you might handle it? By the way, if it's of any help, I park my truck in a fairly secluded alley.


Grab the water bottle from them, pour it all over their body and taser their ass.


If you still have baby monitor lying around from your kids, leave one in the car and one at your desk. When you hear the door open, call the person out, then beat there ass.


Paging Artem.




Get a live hornets nest and put it in a box. Place a blanket over the box to keep the hornets in. When the guy lifts the blanket to see whats in the box he will have an unpleasant suprise. The hornets buzzing might give it away but I doubt he will be paying that much attention.


why would you have to fuck someone up for stealing inconsequential things? Just make them aware that you know they are taking them and tell them to stop. If it something of value, get it back.


why not have some fun.. Ex lax the water bottles.


This may not be practical but a trap of some sort would be the best. How far you want to take it is up to you. Maybe an alarm so anyone else who happens to be near by will catch them in the act. I'm sure the internet has plenty of ideas.


no i haven't. But i did leave my cellphone on a park bench over the weekend
and some a-hole took it.


That made me laugh my ass off and that made my hernia hurt and now I will have to post on the pissed off thread again!!


Many years ago, someone was rifling through a football players locker at my high school. The FB guy came around the corner, saw the thief, grabbed his wrist and held his hand in there while he slammed the door several times on the kid's hand. I just happened to look up in time from down the row of lockers to see this. The FB guy was huge too. The screams were terrible.

This was back in the olden days when the thief got suspended and the FB guy was somewhat of a celebrity. Nowadays he'd have been charged. Fucked up world we live in...


I scrolled down just to check if someone else said it before I did.

lmao x2


If the thief works with you he should be fired. I don't know where you work but wouldn't stealing from other employee's vehicles be grounds for termination?


Or piss in lemonade bottles and leave in an ice cold cooler in said truck


great idea!


This appeals to me but I have know idea how to get a hornets nest.


Glad you enjoyed it, hope you find the guy




There's absolutely no chance it's someone I work with.

There's two types of people who go through the alley between 4 & 5 PM. Construction workers are heading out (west), I don't think it's them because they seem like decent guys and heading out that way, they'd be crazy to be dragging a cooler they just stole. And, low lifes come in heading East. These guys are getting off the bus and heading to their low income housing. Plenty of cover going that way if you just stole something.