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Ever Been to a Bar Called 'Bar'?


I have a goal of traveling so far off the beaten path that I find a restaurant called "Eat" (or "Food"), a strip club called "Girls Girls Girls", and a bar called "Bar".

Has anyone actually been to a bar called "Bar"? Just curious - I'd like to see if one exists.

I'd also like to hear some great dive-bar stories. What's the dingiest, grimiest, most soul-sucking establishment you've ever walked into?


Besides my X-Wife's kitchen?


I've been to a place called "That Bar", which was as lame as the name implies. From what I remember, it was only around for 5 years or so.


not too far off the beaten path


the others i can't help you with


Do other languages count? Mexican food restaurants have the worst names when translated to English. There are actually ones that translate to "Food" or "The food".



In Caldwell, West Virginia is a place off route 60 near Lewisburg that is known only by two signs. One says eat the other says beer. Never was hungry enough to go inside.


Most strip clubs called showgirls.....


No I haven't.

But the restaurant with the weirdest name that I've been to is this one:

It's called Rolling Pot. They serve Shabu Shabu.


There's two strip clubs I've been two that were by far the most dangerous places I've been.

One was this place called "Showplace" in Dover. It was full of bikers, Mexicans, and Russians, and it was pretty fucking awful.

I was drinking a glass worth of whiskey when I heard the bartender lean over to some guy and say, "You see that girl? She sixteen."

It was pretty terrible.

The worst place I've ever been was Fifth Ave Lounge in Paterson. It's the grimiest, most dangerous kind of place right in the heart of the ghetto. Every other guy at that bar had just gotten out of or had spent significant time in Passaic County jail, which is the hardest county lockup around.

It was just a dangerous, dangerous place.


Been to a bar called "Roadhouse".


Yes, there is a bar called "Bar" in Midland, Texas. Has a 10 foot stuffed brown bear in it and good looking wait staff.

Been there about 100 years I think. Old west meets oil town.


Well, the Russians own the joint. The Victory Gardens section of Randolph (yes, it's in Randolph, not Dover) is very Hispanic (mostly Puerto Ricans, not Mexicans there) and there is a pretty big custom bike shop just up the road in Dover.

As for the 16 year old, her mother probably works in the Kmart or the Pizza Hut across the street, so she has a ride to work.



There's one in New Haven, CT.


"Spanish Moon" by Little Feat tells it best.


That is fucking revolting! I love it.


Oh wow! Have you been in there??


Many, many times.


My bad. I knew it was right by the Randolph/Dover border but it's been a lotta years since I been there.

I do know Dover though, it's pretty ghetto. So was this crowd.


Did your band play there, and were you separated from the crowd with a chain-link fence designed to block beer bottles (a la "Roadhouse")?