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Ever Been Kicked Out of a Gym?


Hey ladies and gentlemen earlier today I was doing trap bar deadlift 475x8 and the gym owner came over to me and asked me why I wasn't using the bumper plates. I told him that I can't fit enough bumper plates onto the bar to get the weight that I want. He gave me a nasty stare and walked away. This is the third time he's called me out on banging weights. I'm not an asshole I don't bang them deliberately sometimes it's just too heavy to drop lightly. Really hoping I don't lose my membership.

This got me wondering if any of you guys have had similar problems or if you've ever been kicked out of a gym for your evil powerlifting or bodybuilding ways. Anyone?


never kicked out myself, but i have kicked other people out when i used to manage gyms.

never for banging weights, its always been for making racist/sexist/inappropiate comments to other members, dont worry about banging weights, try to be quieter, but as long as youre polite with the owner and other members hell understand.


I got threatened to have my privilege taken away at the base gym where I am deployed. I seem to be the only one who deadlifts with anything higher than 2 plates. This would be unfortunate as I don't think there is another gym within hundreds of miles. The funny thing is, I don't really bang the weights. They say DL'ing will chip the plates. I see BROS dropping DB's from chest height when doing DB bench and shrugs.

I was the "On Duty Manager", i.e. only one in the place at night, for a Gold's I was working/personal training at for a while and I had to talk to several creepy guys who would harrass the females coming in and out at night. (everyone knows you harrass them IN the gym, while they are on the cardio machines!!)

It got so bad I had to literally escort an older woman to her car because some guy kept following her out and then tell that guy to never come back or we would call the police. Dude was a skeez ball.


A kid never came back to the gym after I found his bottle of chew spit in the bathroom and gave it back to him. He then poured it down the fountain and I snapped on him. He was leaving at the time so I didn't really kick him out but didn't come back. So fucking disgusting.




I'd be a bit more proactive about that. Go up and see him after your training or before you get started or something. Say that you hope it isn't creating a disturbance for other people but that you aren't sure how you can lift it safely without some noise and that making gains on the exercise is really important to you blah blah blah.

I do Oly Lifting in Globogyms. Use chalk mostly and need to dump non-bumpers behind me on occasion. Sometimes trainers look like they are getting a bit antsy... But I apologize when I make a ruckus when I need to bail and they don't seem to mind... But maybe being a chick helps a bit.


In my experience, bumper plates are slightly larger than the regular plates... I used to just load a bumper first and then the rest "regular" weights and then the loud metallic clang when dropping the weight wasnt really an issue.

Maybe the plates you have are different though?

You could load up a bumper plate and then 35's? Not sure if that would help you out any.


This pretty much confirms you're are in no way whatsoever noteworthy :slightly_smiling:


If it's anything like the trap bar at my gym, you can barely fit 5 45s per side, so at 475 you wouldn't be able to use a bumper.


X2... We probably have the same trap bar. I can BARELY get 5 regular 45 pound plates on my trap bar. The clips don't even fit on the ends.


Never been kicked out myself but have had to kick someone out before. He kept leaving his weights on bars, floor, etc so I asked him (politely, I think) to put them away. he replied he didn't have time so I said the obvious thing that if he didn't have time to put them away he didn't have time to load them onto the bars, lift them then leave them around.

At this point he flipped and threatened to smash my face in with a weight so i had him chucked out. The manager backed my decision but then the owner found out he was losing out on membership dues and let him back in. So I quit immediately without notice. No way I was staying after that, so I kind of feel like I was kicked out.


yeah. that's complete bullshit. fuck nuts can threaten an employee and not be banned. good for you for quitting. you should have winged a 10 pounder at his fucking head like a frisbee. pick your weights up douchebag.


is there really a thread about dropping 480? i know weight is relative but c'mon. you really don't have to drop it. if its getting their panties all twisted up, don't drop the weight. i used to go to a gym where they let me use chalk and without fail i always wiped it up when done - bar and floor. be thankful that they have a fucking trap bar and try not to insult their sensitivities. either that or find another gym.



I know everyone wants to sound intense but come on..Are you guys breaking Max PR's every day??


Try wrapping a mini-band around the whole thing if you have them. You can fit 6 45s on like that, and it gives you a good amount of room to move up still.


Do it long enough and some guy who started after you will end up manager and you can really pull some Seinfeld stuff.

"Why can't you be like CrazEPharmcist? I never hear a complaint from him." Etc.


Not yet... I use chalk, snap bands, and let metal collide on occasion. For the most part though, I'm not obtrusive.


Deadlift with a barbell. Problem solved.


I do deadlift with a barbell. I do the trap bar variation about once every 6 weeks because it really hammers my upper back.


I'm not trying to sound like a tough guy. 475 for a set of 8 is hard for me... we all have to start somewhere?

I didn't drop the weight. It tapped the floor between each rep and apparently that was enough to piss him off. The sad part is this is the most "hardcore" gym in my area.