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Ever Been Accidentally Teabagged While Benching?


Fuck short spotters.

talk about the worst 6 reps of my life


Yeah right, an accident. Mhm, I'll buy that.


Gahahaha, you are awesome man







I hate it when i'm spotting someone and they breathe out so hard that my hair gets pushed back and I get a solid whiff of what they had for lunch.


I have come close, that's why I ask the spotter to turn slightly to the side. I also do this when I am spotting someone.


I was incline benching a couple weeks and go and it just felt like a soft.. well, nevermind


I will purposely make sure I smell nice and ripe in my nethers on Mondays (world bench day) then just hang out near then benches asking to spot people. One encounter with my vinegary musk leaves them teary eyed and promptly frees up a bench for me to use.

But seriously never been teabagged, nor teabagged anyone...in the gym that is.


Sometimes when my older brother hits the gym with me, I go comando. When hes on bench I will pull out the fromt waist of my shorts (as if i am adjusting them). The light shines through and he gets a good look at why I am the bigger man.


For gods sake that's just fucking gross...lol


LOL no wonder everyone here is a pussy and can't lift for shit..ya'll are too busy thinkin bout cocks instead of hittin the damn weights! haha jk
anwyays no1 spots me so i do not have this teabagging problem you speak of.


LOL, I laughed really hard just now hahaha that is great.


You lucky bastards have never had StuntmanMike spot ya....... He went the entire quarter without washing his lifting shorts.

That son of a bitch.


I purposely teabagged a guy once for asking me to spot him on the bench while he did two inch benches with a weight he clearly had no business of lifting.



AHA good one.


thought I misread the thread title until I saw who the OP was


That's why I only ask girls to spot me!


I always tell them to stand back until I call for the spot.


You must be lifting some pussy ass weight then.