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Ever Added Another Compound to Your Cruise?

Hey guys, I’m 6’5 259lbs as of this morning. Everything here in Pa shutdown again, so I am ending my blast of 750/500/750 Test/NPP/EQ a few weeks earlier and coming into a cruise. I usually cruise at 250mg of Test a week, but I was thinking of trying out Primo this time with the cruise to hopefully retain some muscle. I was thinking maybe 200test/200primo? Has anyone tried anything like this before? If so, how did your blood work and health markers look? Did it have any negative effects?

Some add proviron or mast to their cruise. I know a guy who does Test / EQ all the time, and doesn’t blast (yolked all the time). Deca seems like a new thing that is added to TRT protocols.

I don’t think I would go this route. I think cruise should only be test. I guess once you get to the point at which you can’t hold your gains on 250 mg/wk (perhaps holding isn’t quite right, but you lose gains quickly), then you need to question how much you value being big, and what is the health trade off for being that size.

Personally, once I get to the point where gains fall off quickly on 200 mg/wk of test, I’ll just accept that as where I can get. From there it will just be small blasts to keep a good physique.

I’ve done a little primo on cruise and then stayed on into blast. Helps maintain some gains but I noticed increased hair loss so I cut it. If you’re not worried about that, then I say go for it, I liked it a lot.