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Events in Nova Scotia

Anyone know of any Raw lifting events in NS? particulary around Halifax? or strongman stuff that happens around Halifax?

I am probably going up there for a vacation this spring, paddle with the icebergs kind of trip, pm me and let me know if there are any Scottish festivals w/Highland games or anything of the sort in the April/May vicinity.

First games on the OSHA circuit is usually around the 21st of June in Summerside PEI. You won’t usually find any earlier, sorry

Jerome, did you ever compete at Jamie Peppard’s strongman at the Heart of the Valley Days festival in Middleton?

No I’ve never competed in powerlifting or strongman, I wouldn’t mind going to a powerlifting meet…as far as strong man I’m way to weak for competition, and doubt I could do much of what those guys do… Gym weights are (lbs):
Bench 340x3 touch go
Dead 450x3
squat is iffy, depends on my knees…(f’d them up in highschool playing ball)
By the way I’m ~190 lbs

I asked about the strongman cause I’d really like to go watch some events.